CBD has become legal in many worldwide countries, but it comes with lots of regulations and legislations. Take a look below the list of nations and their legal status regarding CBD.

EuropeCBD hash, cake and oil is legal in most of the European countries like Italy, France, Spain, Greece, Poland, Hungary, Sweden, Cyprus and more. In places like, Denmark, Finland, Austria, Malta and Germany you cannot carry CBD products without a medical prescription. However, it is considered illegal to travel with CBD in Slovakia.

Africa– Zimbabwe and Lesotho have legalised CBD products for medical purposes, though the access to these products is restricted. Majority of the nations do not have the law to produce and sell CBD and can lead to heavy penalties for possession.

The Middle East– Whilst Isreal has officially permitted the use of medical cannabis; Saudi Arabia executes people for owning the products. However, Egypt and Turkey have a noticeable sale of CBD with 0% THC.

South America– The market is growing fast because of the therapeutic benefits of cannabis, and this is reflected in the country’s law. Columbia, Chile, Peru and Uruguay have relaxed their laws and have made cannabis legal. You need a prescription to buy any sort of CBD products in Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay. The sale and consumption of cannabis are considered to be illegal in Bolivia, Ecuador and Venezuela.

North America– North America is considered the world’s biggest market of CBD products. In the US, whilst cannabis can be consumed in medical form in thirty-three states, it can be used recreationally in ten states. After Uruguay, Canada became the second country to legalise the use of CBD hash, oil, cake and other items.

Asia and Oceania– Generally, cannabis is illegal in Asia, but the laws vary from one country to another. The nations of Oceania and Asia are emerging as potential CBD markets, aided by partial and full discrimination. China allows CBD products if they are licensed by the Government, whereas, CBD is the main cash crop of Thailand and is used for centuries as traditional medicines. South Korea has legalised consumption of cannabis for medicinal use, however, you may end up in jail if you possess cannabis in Japan. Australia and New Zealand have legalised the therapeutic use of cannabis.

Before buying or consuming CBD products, understand the laws of the nation. It is recommended not to travel with cannabis to any place around the globe.

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