As the world of business and commerce has become more sophisticated, in the past three decades or, so have the buildings in which much of the work is done. Business premises have been required to house increasingly complex IT equipment, along with other features and facilities, such as air conditioning and catering. Keeping an eye on all these systems, as well as the human beings that use them, is barely feasible when depending on clunky analogue technology.

Consequently, security management software plays a more active and crucial role in the management of business premises.

Security management software is a centrally managed suite of interlinked computer programmer which controls, and interacts with a building’s security hardware: Such as access control gates and video surveillance systems.Security management software brings many benefits to the security industry.

Primarily, it makes for a fully integrated security system, which can be managed at any suitably equipped computer workstation. Features such as identity management, and access control will all be tied together, with one data set feeding another when appropriate.

Next, security management software, because data is stored on disk, helps build an audit trail of past events throughout the life of a building. This makes any problems and issues far easier to track over time; also facilitating any security investigations that might be needed.

Finally, security management software can be accessed remotely, meaning that, in the event of a security incident building managers can log in to the system from anywhere in the world.

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