Trees are an integral part of our flora and fauna, providing health and environmental well-being to our communities. While they usually thrive on their own, they typically have a hard time coping up with the weather conditions, diseases, and dangers brought by our developing society. Hence, it’s essential to have a tree survey done to keep them as valuable assets. Here are the reasons why tree surveys are imperative:

Keep the trees healthy.

If you have trees in your backyard, you should feed, water and prune them to keep them beautiful and healthy. However, different types of trees may have different requirements. Tree consultants do tree surveys to thoroughly inspect your trees, determine their specific needs, and suggest simple instructions you should take to protect them.

Here are some of the specific information you’ll know after a tree survey:

  • Specie of the tree and its scientific name
  • Physical measurements such as height and the diameter
  • Overall health
  • Age of the tree and its life expectancy
  • Tree management recommendations

Avoid potential damage to your home.

Tree limbs possess danger to your home. They can easily snap off due to strong winds or a storm and may fall to your roof, car, or even your children. A tree survey will help assess these risks and advice pruning if necessary. This will decrease the likelihood of those limbs falling off your house during inclement weather.

Also, tree roots can cause unnoticeable damage to your home’s foundation. Some tree roots are strong enough to pierce through them. A tree survey can examine them and prevent any future danger.

Protect trees when doing construction projects.

If you are planning to build a new house or have your property renovated, it is imperative to have a tree survey done to safeguard the welfare of the tree during construction. Without a proper assessment, tree roots and its whole system can be unintentionally damaged. You must always seek suggestions on how to adequately protect the health condition of the desirable trees on your area.

Catch diseases and pests early.

Our naked eye can overlook most tree problems. Often, we don’t see any issue until it has already gotten out of our control. Tree survey experts can easily find any disease or pests through inspection. Remember the old saying, prevention is better than cure.

Trees are important parts of our community, providing us numerous benefits like adding beauty to our yards or giving us shade during hot days. It is essential to get tree surveys to ensure good overall health and welfare.

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