It is fairly easy to work out if you are running a successful menu or not: just check your monthly outgoings and revenues. If you are turning a profit, your restaurant is successful – but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it is a great restaurant.

But how do you know if your restaurant is great or just mediocre?

There are a few sure-fire ways to know if you are running a great restaurant or not. Here are five signs that show that you are running a great restaurant.

A Great Menu

If you are running a great restaurant, you will have a great menu. There will be no spelling mistakes or errors on the menu, and the menu itself will be well balanced with a variety of options to suit different people with different tastes. You will include a few on-trend items as well as items that are in season, and ideally the customers will be able to understand the menu without having to ask service staff to explain what certain items are!

Timing of Food Service

The kitchen staff will be in sync with the floor staff to make sure that no one is left waiting for their food for too long. The meals will be brought out piping hot, and customers will never complain that their meal arrived cold (unless, of course, it is supposed to be cold).


Your restaurant should be consistently good. It doesn’t matter if it is busy or quiet, or if it is a Wednesday or a Saturday: customers should always be able to expect the same great service.

A Pleasing Decor

According to Street Directory, when it comes to hospitality, décor is one of the most important factors. If your restaurant looks great, people will be more inclined to visit again, so a great décor can provide some serious financial return.

Wonderful Service

It doesn’t matter how great the food is: if the service sucks, people won’t come back to your restaurant again. This is why your restaurant should hire great floor staff who are considerate and friendly, and ideally they won’t be too pushy or forward, as many people find this unappealing.

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