Problematic skin is something that as many as one in six of us will deal within our life and it can seem like an impossible task to prevent breakouts. But with a number of procedures as well as lotions and potions specially design to rebalance PH and prevent excess oil production, it is now easier than ever before to take back control of your skin using the steps listed below. 

Change Your Diet 

One of the easiest ways to care for your skin is to change your diet, particularly if you are dealing with acne. By reducing the amount of dairy and maintaining a healthy balance of all food groups, you will begin to see positive changes to the skin. In addition to this, changing some of the drinks you are consuming will help to tame the skin as green tea can help to eliminate redness. 

Opt For Professional Skin Treatments 

If you have already tried everything and nothing is working for you then the use of a professional treatment may be useful. With facials, chemical peels and other skin treatments available at the Richmond beauty therapy clinic and others up and down the country, you can then get a professional’s opinion on your skin as well as advice on how to effectively treat the problems that they may have.

Moisturise The Skin 

Keeping the skin moisturised is another effective way of taking back control of your skin as it can help to balance oil production as well as prevent flaky skin and potential outbreaks. Though this will take time, after a few uses of a moisturiser, you will find that your skin becomes more balanced and appears cleaner and clearer. Whether you have sensitive skin or dry skin, there is a wide range of moisturiser on the market that are formulated to cater to your skin type. 

Get Plenty Of Sleep 

Another way that you can prevent fatigue for your skin is by getting plenty of sleep. By keeping your pillowcases clean and applying moisturiser before sleeping you can prevent breakouts and help to reduce the signs of fatigue. To ensure you get the best nights sleep possible, it is crucial that you turn off technology before bed as this will help to relax the mind. 

Opt For Water-based Products 

If you have sensitive skin that is reactive to a number of products, then using water-based cleansers is recommended as these do not feature any harsh chemicals. This will, therefore, lift dirt and grime whilst calming the skin allowing for a simple but effective cleaning solution. This can be beneficial for the skin as it goes deep into the pores to remove dirt and grime without stripping the skin of any natural oils, allowing for the PH to be balanced effectively. 

Whether you are new to the world of skincare, or you are just looking to jump back on the bandwagon after the Christmas period each of these methods can help you to clear the skin and reduce the look of dark circles over time. Which of these will you be trying for yourself first?  

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