Car logbook service is perhaps a new concept for most novice car owners. It is always a good idea to understand and analyse such terminologies and know its advantages so you can give yourself maximum protection and service benefits. Let’s try to find out more about this service.

What Is A Car Logbook Service?

When a new car is purchased and when one is within the period of warranty, a car logbook service is needed to be booked every time in a timely fashion. Or else it can be considered as a violation to the car warranty and you might end up missing the services which are recorded and promised to you in the log book of your car.

Basically, a new car needs to go through some timely servicing. Such content and time of services are listed by the car manufacturing brand and is considered as their very own recommendations. These will ensure that the new car runs not just smoothly but also can detect any minor glitches or problems which appear during such servicing periods. These are known as car logbook service, and is only to be performed by an authorised, qualified and licensed mechanic from an authorised service station. It is not needed that you have to always go to the service centre that the dealer suggests. You can trust anyone who is local but licensed to do the work in relation to the listed service in the car logbook.

Services In Relation To Extended Warranty Of The Car

Sometimes car owners go for extended warranty services. The process of availing a car logbook service related to the extended warranty of the car is a bit different. When the normal warranty period of the car ends, you have to visit the car dealer. The car dealer will add the new conditions as well as services inside the car logbook. These services recommended by the dealer must also be performed only by licensed car mechanics.

Who Is Engaged In Car Logbook Service?

Some car services are minor while some can be major. Usually when you purchase a car and drive it 1000 kms, you are recommended to go for the first car logbook service. These services cover some basic safety check ups, vehicle centric services only to be sure whether everything in the car is running in a smooth manner or not.

Requirements related to these services are all listed in the car logbook, and a licensed and qualified mechanic knows how to go about it based on the instructions given. If there is any requirement of any specific part repair or replacement, then the warranty covers it all. However, this is where a qualified and licensed mechanic matters, as an authorised mechanic will always provide genuine parts.

Reasons Why The Car Logbook Is So Important

1) It will help enhance the lifespan of the car:  

When a car is maintained regularly with all the necessary inspections and needful repairs done, it keeps the car in its highest performance state. If servicing is skipped, it lowers the efficiency as well as the life of the car.

2) Resale value is going to increase: When regular car logbook service is conducted, the records get listed in the logbook. The prospective purchaser will always prefer paying more for a vehicle that is well maintained.

If you have your own car, then this information about logbook service will definitely prove to be helpful.  Make effort never to miss any outlined services for the new car if you wish to maintain it effectively. Although people are aware of the requirements of servicing, at times they neglect it. Doing this can lower down the value of your car, and hence logbook services are mandatory.

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