Today, import groupage are available both via air and sea, to and fro from all parts of the world. The model of this service is that a consolidator, typically a hauler or a forwarder assembles goods together in a single transport unit shipment from several shippers to consignees in the destination country. The groupage service providers take great care, so that consignments are companionable for loading with each other, have no potential threat of damages each other at the time of physical loading (or unloading), or transportation. Stuff such as hazardous cargo, and perishable food, requires special attention.  

Earlier, the import groupage services were only offered in Europe. But, the introduction of ferry ships in 1970’s added new dimension to this concept to excel globally, and also helped with the construction of the channel tunnel.   

Road freight

Road cargo is the leading means of transport for most European groupage service providers. The flexibility of road transportation has resulted in the eradication of rail freight from this particular market, although environment considerations still back depot-depot haul.

Customs brokerage

In Europe, cargo and goods need to pass through customs, where certain documents are required to be submitted to the customs officials, to avoid hassles. Many groupage Hungary service agencies offer customs brokerage for the documentation work. You will be benefited by their experience and knowledge to settle customs formalities. Thus, this will help you to save time for releasing cargo from customs.


The foremost perk of using groupage is that it saves money. Here, you will not be charged for a shipping container yourself, which can be quite pricey for importing. The price will be proportionally divided between you and other people cargo, those who are also taking the advantage of this shared shipping container services.

Get the services from the best

Another benefit of consolidating your shipment with other customers in a single box is that you can ship services from one of most reputed and reliable shipping company. These top shipping providers know all the ins and outs of safely delivering the goods.


Generally, LCL services are a trustworthy way of shipping your manufactured goods. Most groupage Hungary companies ensure that your cargo reaches your customers safely, and in original form. They take intense care of fragile shipment and leave no space for dissatisfaction.

Pack and Weigh

Packaging and weighting are the two important components of freight shipping. Exact dimensions and secure packaging take the guessing game of the quote process. It is crucial to carefully pack your item to prevent shipping damages, your ultimate aim should be to shake the box without repositioning its content. And, in some cases, freight shipping service providers waive off their liability of physical damages, if the item is not properly packaged in-line with their guidelines. The weight of the package should be exact enveloping things such as straps, wrap, pallets, bubble, and crates.

To maximize the perks of groupage services, you got to sign-up the best service provider, which has the credentials to take your business to another level of excellence.

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