I reached Chelsea two weeks ago for a business trip. The tour ended in four days past all the formalities, submissions and responsibilities. My head from authorities felt like I did a great job , I got a bonus holiday stay in Chelsea for an additional week . As much as I love food, places, travel and adventure, I felt alone and disinterested in a day!

I wondered who to contact to get a nice find business for me. I looked through the magazines and online and came across Chelsea Escorts I called them and told what kind of girl I was looking for. I had never expected that they would like me to send such a wonderful escort. The way they behave themselves behaved, talked and talked was also really very stunning. I immediately asked about her dates, because I wanted her away from the atmosphere of the city I was disappointed to take. We decided to go to the coast and spending a weekend in happiness, peace and joy.

Since the very beginning of her waking me up for the trip, all through the enchanting atmosphere of the place, we thought in the comfort and ecstasy of each other, the world, immersed in an enchanting conversation every moment of our days together to forget. They spoke wisely, took sensible decisions, adapted to change my ways and gave me the best time and her royal manners of fun to make. She gave me all her undivided attention of the mind, body and soul through our journey and the extraordinary pleasure, euphoria and ecstasy of her skills in bed. She has made me an addict of the true beauty of Chelsea, celebrates survival and taking pride in what I do. This is indeed the best woman I have ever met in my life, who sincerely is interested in my conversations, topics, fantasies, desires and dreams to the best of the company to make.

As for me, I am more than a fighting man , as in this unreal world , the only soothing is someone to take our precious time to share , in comfort find . I liked her and she liked my ecstasy, for life! The best part is that after so long we are still in contact to each other. I meet her whenever I visit Chelsea and she has been to my place twice.

 Thanks Lisa! For being with me.

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