Which are the best new-born baby sleeping options? In the society where parents or grandparents are floored with information, how can they be sure that they are receiving accurate information. The myths need to be separated from reality as far as sleeping options for the new-born baby is concerned.

The sleep position of the baby

You can put the baby to sleep on the side. This will reduce the risk of sudden infant syndrome and healthy babies should always be put to sleep on the back and not on their sides or stomach. Part of the confusion stemmed from the fact because the babies roll from their side on to the bellies. The best position for the sleep of the babies is on their back

Sleep control

You can control on how long your new born baby sleeps. The babies sleep when they are ready and when they wake up get hungry. The keyword to consider here is new born. Normally what parents do is that they create a schedule, for the baby, but it more about listening to their cues rather than setting one for yourself.


Is an outdated method of pacifying a fuzzy baby? But when it is done in an efficient or effective manner it does keep the baby quiet. It is a useful method when it comes to comforting. Some parents are worried about their baby being overheated, but if they are dressed properly that is not at an issue. Positioning is important, so you can ask a paediatrician or someone to guide you on the correct position.

Some tips for a safe and sound sleep of the baby

Loose bedding needs to be avoided

It is advised that you use a firm mattress rather than a soft one. Experts suggest that the usage of stuffed animals or pillows should be avoided around the baby in the crib. In simple terms anything that covers the head of the baby is not a good bet

The crib is to be kept simple

Do not use comforters under a crib as far as the baby is concerned. The infant should sleep with their feet touching the bottom of the crib so that they cannot wriggle down under the bedding. Use a clean mattress and the sides of the crib should be high enough so that the baby does not crawl out of it.

Avoid overheating

The infants should be light clothed when you put them to sleep. Avoid over clothing and check if the baby is not that hot to touch.

Sleep environment

It is important that you maintain a good sleep environment when you put the baby to sleep. Ideally a temperature of 20 degrees Celsius is ideal for the baby to sleep

The head of the baby should not be covered

The blankets should only be covered to the chest of the baby and therefore avoid any chances of suffocation. Wrapping the baby in light weight cotton prevents them from rolling over to their stomach when asleep.

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