When the weather outside is scorching hot and you are sweating from every inch of your body, a cool breeze air is what you crave the most for? Well, certainly your home fan can’t provide you enough respite from the heat wave, so what do you do next? Install an air-conditioner in your home but not just any ordinary AC but a Blue Star air-conditioner. This website blue print roofs offering the best AC models that have an attractive design, promises efficient performance and more importantly come with an a price tag that is affordable for all. Some of the best Split AC models that you can consider buying are:

Blue Star 5HW18SA1

This 1.5 ton, 5 star rated AC is a stylish and elegant looking unit that would make a perfect addition to your home décor. The shiny finish on the outside would uplift the aesthetics. Apart from the design and looks the model is extremely popular in the market mainly because of its unique technology, which ensures that the temperature in your room is cool, pleasant and comfortable for all. The sensor fitted on the unit, senses the temperature around and it automatically adjusts the cooling to maintain a constant room temperature. With 5 star energy rating, the unit helps you save significantly on electricity bills too. Well, all this at a price of just Rs. 36500 (approx).

Blue Star 5HW12SA1

If you are on a tight budget yet looking for a 5 star rated Air-condition, this model will perfectly suit your needs. The model is a 1 ton unit so it is best suited for a smaller room. One of the best features of this model is that it comes with an integrated anti-bacterial filter, which ensure that the air around the room is cool and bacteria free. This is an amazing feature especially for homes that have small kids; the clean air would keep the children safe from becoming victims of unwanted illness due to air-borne bacteria. Also, the ‘indoor noise reduction’ feature ensure that the unit functions smoothly without making any noise thereby ensuring that you enjoy a ‘sound’ free sleep. The unit is priced at just Rs. 31,000 (approx.), which is an amazing bargain, considering its features and performance.

Blue Star 3HW24JB1

Although, the model has only 3 star energy ratings it is still one of the lowest power consuming models in the market, it is much better than even the most 5 star rated units. Being a completely automatic model, the sensors on the outside unit automatically detects the fluctuations in the temperature and sends a signal indoor to adjust its cooling, which in turn ensure that you enjoy a pleasant and constant room temperature at all time. The low noise features, anti-bacteria filter, auto off and a plethora of other amazing feature makes it a popular choice of model among several homeowners.


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