Apart from indoor floor tiling, outdoor tiles have grown in popularity over the years as they offer a suitable and unique way to inject a smooth and beautiful design to the outdoor space. You can therefore take advantage of tile properties and transform your outdoor space, making it look unique and luxurious.

When planning your patio tiling project, it is important to understand that the kind of tiles used indoors might not be suitable for use outdoors. For this reason, you will need to choose your patio tiles carefully if you are to obtain the desired results. The tiles you choose will determine the outlook of your project and since you are working on a long term flooring project, it is always important to get everything right from the onset. Below are some tips to help in your tile selection:

  • Consider Climatic Conditions Around You: – Many people make the mistake of choosing tiles for patio flooring based on the pricing and appeal. This normally leads to frustration as you discover that with time, the floor has lost the appeal due to weather effects or cannot last for many years due to the inability to withstand harsh elements. Although you can install any kind of outdoor tile within mostly warm areas, the same cannot be said about for places that are predominantly cold. Patio tiles should be abrasion and stain resistant for easier maintenance. Always select tiles that can withstand any kind of weather without letting you down.
  • Choose the Right Colors and Design: – Every heard of the “beauty and the beast?” This is a factor you should consider when selecting patio tiles. It does not mean that simply because the tile should be sturdy and capable to withstand the weather then it should be out of tune with your other décor work. Instead, consider patio tiles that will blend easily with both the interior and exterior design thus creating an inviting appeal without breaking the pattern. Your tiles could be green to reflect nature’s vibrancy or brown to blend with earthy elements but one thing is for sure, you cannot run out of suitable ideas.
  • Consider the Tiles Absorption Rate: – Since your patio tiles will be exposed to substantial amount of water especially from rain and snow, it is good to pick a material that has a low absorption rate. This will help ensure that the patio floor tiles do not absorb too much water which could lead to cracking or damages of different kind. Tiles with high absorption rate could prove costly in the long run especially when you have to do a replacement of the entire floor or partially.

Following these tips will help guarantee a high level of satisfaction in your home and patio remodeling project as you transform the project’s landscape. Always remember to hire a professional for the installation of your patio tiles (tegels) for satisfying results.


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