Are you getting tired of your old living space and looking to change the look of your home? You want a place to live which is comfortable, and inviting for guests, but you can’t afford to just get rid of everything you own and buy all new again. There are ways to take what you already have and transform the area. Here are a few aspects of your home to consider and put together a living space that you and everyone that enters will feel comfortable at.

1) Lighting: Throughout the day you will have plenty of sunlight in the house, and if not figure out how to get more. Sunlight has a full spectrum of light waves which make it naturally comfortable for us to relax in. For the night however, a great way to create inviting light is to have your sources of light spread out in the room and at different levels. Experiment with the lights you have throughout the room. Maybe place some down closer to the ground and some higher up. The key is to make the switching for the lights as easily accessible as possible to get the full use of your lights.

2) Seating: Make a point to have as much seating in the area’s you will spend the most time in and also have furniture such as tables to set things on. Seating can enhance a space by offering multiple vantage points all throughout the house for you to enjoy. Also, when company comes by, they can feel comfortable by having somewhere to sit. And with a table close by at all times, they can also have a drink and have somewhere to set it on. What kind of seating and tables you use will vary widely on how much space you have, but be creative and find the right furniture that will fit nicely.

3) Indoor Flowers and Plants: Whether you have real or fake plants inside of the house, it brings a feel of nature to the house, which is naturally soothing for most people. Plants also come in many different sizes and different looks. One place that plants work well is corners of the house that are not occupied. When the corners of a room are covered by a plant, the room loses the boxy enclosed feel it normally has, and gains a sense of space.

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