Are you having the feeling of hitting a jackpot soon? Do you feel that you are lucky when it comes to winning prizes at promotional events? Well, Transitions Optical, a very popular eyeglasses company in the United States, offers its customers the option to win amazing prizes for the purchase of a pair of Transition lenses. The chance to win a prize for your purchase is called the Transitions COA promotion.

What Is This Promotion All About?

The promotion offered by Transitions Optical is referred as the Transitions Certificate of Authenticity sweepstakes. You will be given this certificate of authenticity card when you make purchases in the optical store. There is a printed number on the card that you receive. You will have to visit the promotion website and enter the number that is there in the authenticity card in the space provided on the website to get a chance to win the grand prize or an instant prize. Everyone who makes a purchase in the optical store will be receiving the authenticity card to try his or her luck at the sweepstakes website of the company. The process is a very simple one and you need not be a computer geek or a regular sweepstakes player to enter the promotion number.

What Prizes Are On Offer?

There are two types of prizes that is offered in the Certificate of Authenticity sweepstakes online program offered by Transitions store, the instant prize and the grand prize. There are as many as 240 instant prizes on offer and the prize is a $500 American Express gift card, which you can use to buy your favorite products or even at the store that promotes this online promotion game. The grand prize is a dream vacation that the winner will get to choose and the money allotted for this dream vacation is $10,000.

How To Take Part?

You will need a computer and an internet connection or WiFi access for your tablet or mobile phone to take part in this online promotion. You need to be an adult and a citizen of the United States to take part in this sweepstakes online promotion.  You just need to follow the instructions that flash on your computer screen to complete the sweepstakes entrance process. You will be instantly notified if you have won the prize.

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