Always the last to be put on, but the first to be noticed, shoes say a lot about the person who is wearing them. They don’t just add the finishing touches to your overall look, they can make or break it.

Leisure footwear-Go for designs that are either rounded or pointed in front. You can get either flat soles or distinct high heels. Choose between black, shades of brown and white. Wear them with leather pants, multi-pocket trousers, cling-fit jeans or straight trousers.

Casual footwear– pick flat soles with rounded or curved fronts. Colors should be solid or contrasts of red-blue, green-yellow, brown-grey and black-white are the hot new colors for casual footwear. Wear them with trousers, cargo pants, jeans or slim fit pants.

Sporty footwear– Made for a pair of active feet, most sports shoes are scientifically designed to reduce strain and provide optimum physical support to the wearer. Colors for the sporty footwear should be bright hues of white, red, blue, green, black, grey, yellow, gold and silver. Wear them with sports shots, track pants, jeans and sportswear.

Business shoes– It’s important to pick a pair that neutralizes the most common color in your work wardrobe. Always choose styles with laces and a design that is light and comfortable enough to wear for long hours.

Indoor shoes– If you like to entertain in the privacy of your home and if comfort means a lot more to you, then ditch your rubber slippers and grab a pair of soft cloth or suede lace less shoes with flat heels. These shoes are lightweight and easy to take care of too.

Sandals– Traditional sandal designs and materials used to make them have changed. You can now opt for both moulded and weather and waterproof ones and conventional styles with straps and buckles. Look out for brands that offer comfort, durability and low maintenance.

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