CamelBak Bottles make good promotional gifts and giveaways. The water bottle concept is very appealing for different kinds of promotions, especially since they are practical every day kind of items. This brand comes with high quality guarantee and considering that it is an already known brand, the items will go very well in a promotion. The water bottles are stylish, high in quality and in a wide variety. You will therefore have the liberty of playing around with the colors and the designs to choose a bottle giveaway that will make your promotion a success as soon as it hits the market.

Personalizing the bottles

CamelBak water bottles are packaged to be attractive. However, you can still personalize or customize them to make a promotional impact. It is the customization that will pass your promo message effectively. You of course want the target market to take home much more than just a high quality water bottle. It makes customization very important in making the desired impact with the promotion.

The simplest available personalizing services for your bottles include imprinting company or business logo, mascots or the desired promotion message. You can actually have the logo and the message appear together in the bottle as long as they do not make it look too overdone. Remember that people still love pretty looking items, hence the need not to overdo the bottles, in the name of customizing them. You want to be careful with what you choose. The imprint should be visible enough and should be done in a way that it stays on the bottle for a long period of time. A print that wears off or rubs with a simple bottle wash can be a waste for a promotion.

The customization can also include choosing colors that coordinate with the promotion theme colors. They could also be colors that are in line with the business logo. The proper selection of bottle colors can help the customers in making direct relation between the promo item and the company. With so many colors to choose from under CamelBak, you will find one that is in line with the promotion and the goals that it is designed to achieve. The choice of bottle material can also be considered when making the right decision with the promo item. It is best to give bottles that have the potential of serving for a long period of time.

Tips to make the promotion work

CamelBak Bottles are a great choice for any given promo. When choosing from the huge bottle variety from this brand, consider all important aspects to make the right choice. They include a bottle size, colors and the styles. You want something that will stir the right reactions from the gift receivers. Remember promotions are intended to drive sales, hence they ought to be well calculated from the word go. You can dwell on what the promotion is all about making the right decision, especially with the colors and designs. This is because what appeals to men might not appeal to women and you want to be sure.

When working with the bottles, remember that individual bottle features can determine the pricing. It helps to have a budget in place for the promotion. This way, when going through the CamelBak options that you have with the water bottles, you will make the most sensible decision of all. With so many options, you will definitely find a water bottle that matches with the promotion perfectly well.  Settle for quality to get quality results as well with the promo.

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