A corporate video is the future of digital marketing because numbers don’t lie. According to a survey done by Invodo targeting marketers, it shows 84% of companies are using corporate videos for website marketing. And, Cisco says that around 70% of traffic online will in this format by the year 2017.

It is great to hire videos developer to create a video for your firm because it is worth an investment. A corporate video helps your potential customers to get a brief idea your business, your products, and services- without scrolling down your website reading that boring business text present on your website.

Some reason why you company should a corporate video?

Showcases your company

Having a corporate video for your website is an easy, quick, creative and informational way to showcase your firm’s services or products. But, as advice that your company’s corporate video should more than longer than 5 minutes, otherwise internet visitor, will run away from your video after few minutes and this will not help your cause. Tell your story in the most creative and attractive way.  It is an ideal way to pack some information with relevant images or add background music to attract your potential clients. But, make sure that the information is correct, images are of highest quality, should be clear and bright and background music is not irritating or irrelevant.

Reach more potential future customers with high-quality corporate videos

Your corporate video is your company’s sales boy (or girl) which speaks a lot about your trade so, use it an online tool to get business leads and customers. Uploading a company’s video on your firm’s website is not a tough ask, but without proper marketing strategy, you cannot get a large number of views or business leads. So, hire an expert for that, or do it yourself because Google is world’s best teacher. Upload your corporate video on several sites having high domain and page authority; promote it on the various social media platform.

Improves your company’ website SEO

Google new algorithms love videos! It ranks videos higher than websites for many keywords.  Creating a trade video not only helps your future customers to know your products and services, but also your company’s rank on search engines. Rank improvement on search engines can also be the best reason for having a video for your firm.

People love to share

Videos are the best shareable form of information. Whether you post your video on a social networking site or on a video site, viewers can easily share that by copying your company’s video link and then by posting that link on their personal social accounts.  This is the best way to generate some quality backlinks and traffic back to your trade website.

Stand out from the crowd

A proper corporate video helps your firm stand out from the crowd.  Often, companies concentrate more on adding heavy text on their website, but this leaves a negative impact on your visitors, and viewers find that unappealing and distracting.

Updating your firm’s video is really important. So, keep up with time. If your company’s corporate videos is 2-year-old or more, then perhaps this the time to update it.

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