When we choose to install new flooring in our homes, our choice usually boils down to personal taste. However, when it comes to commercial buildings there is a lot more to consider when picking the flooring for hospitality events. It is also a prudent approach to have a good events team in place and Events Agency Dublin based company are certainly very qualified for that. They can help with every aspect of planning and delivering your event.

A report in Building Design and Construction highlights rectangular tiles, terazzo and digital graphics as some of the most popular emerging trends in commercial flooring. What should you be considering if you are thinking about installing new flooring for your hospitality venue?

The look

Of course, aesthetics plays a part in the selection of a new flooring type. Ultimately, your premises is the first glimpse of your brand, and first impressions count. Your flooring is generally the largest surface available to you, so utilise it with impressive flooring design and eye-catching trends that will make your venue stand out. Consider colour schemes and remember that while bright and bold colours can positively impact on mood, in some cases, they can be limiting too, especially if you are a wedding or party venue where clients may want neutral surroundings that won’t clash with their theme.

The practicality

Depending on the nature of the events you host, you will need to consider a flooring type that will meet your needs and be practical and hardwearing. For example, venues that are likely to have a large footfall, such as those used for exhibitions, may be best suited to a vinyl or hardwood floor, both of which are robust and designed to cope with heavy traffic. Think about the health and safety regulations that will apply to your building and take this into account when selecting flooring for all areas, including bar areas and toilets.

The cost

For many companies, the cost of installing new flooring plays a big part in their overall decision. While you don’t want to scrimp on such an important element of your premises, it might be prudent to shop around for the best quote and also liaise with an online flooring company to discuss the length of the installation in order to determine how the disruption to business may affect you financially too.

Flooring is an important aspect of any commercial building and so remember to think carefully before committing to your next installation.

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