Having an extension on a property can be a great way to create additional space in your property and gain additional living space. However, it does throw up a number of options and challenges. The flat roof extensions is the most popular option because it is convenient and affordable, enabling you to really make the most of the additional space without blocking light to upstairs windows or overlooking the neighbours’ properties.

While a flat roof is often considered the best option, this in itself raises other challenges with the primary concern being the matter of drainage. Sloped roofs have a natural pitch which gives natural drainage. Any water is able to run off the roof and into the gutter before being taken away as waste water or even fed to a rainwater butt for use in gardening or cleaning the house.


A flat roof does not have this natural drainage because it does not have the slope of a standard roof and a build up of rain water can become a problem if the homeowner does not find a beneficial, alternative roofing solution. EPDM is a type of rubber membrane that has been designed specifically for use on flat roofs. It offers decades of protection against all elements including rain, snow, ice, and even the harmful UV rays of the sun.

A flat roof extension should offer many years of use and this means that you need roofing materials with a similar lifespan. EPDM has been installed on properties for more than 50 years and still continues to provide weather protection for the properties. It comes with extensive guarantees and is also easy and environmentally friendly to install on a flat roof with no need for adhesives or heat to aid the installation process.

If you’re considering a flat roof extension then you should also consider the use of EPDM roof membrane. Alternatively, if you require a high quality and long lasting alternative to existing flat roof materials then rubber membrane can provide a cost effective solution that is not harmful to the environment and does not require cutting and gluing to ensure its integrity.

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