Most of the people who live or intend to construct a waterfront property will require the service of a marine contractor either to construct or maintain a property. It is, therefore, important to choose a contractor who one can trust and expert on the type of project that is proposed. As in the case of marine construction which is a specialised field dealing with building, repairing and maintaining structures in freshwater or marine coastal areas. It is critically important that a preliminary research into marine contractors is done to ensure the success of the project.

Before embarking on the project it is handy to gain some knowledge concerning the type of marine construction services to be undertaken. There are resources available on the internet giving a general idea as to what would be the best scenario for the property which could be building a new property or general repair or improvement. In an any these scenarios, once sufficient background information is obtained one can evaluate how the property could be constructed or improved and specify any preferences for the type of construction and final appearance.

Once a decision has been made on the final appearance, one can start looking for a marine construction services company in the area. It is possible that not all contractors are in the listing and one can search them through professional associations like International Marine Contractors Association. However, it is always easy to find contractors through word of mouth who might have worked in the neighbourhood. This way one has the chance to inspect the property and get direct feedback from the owners. Also, if there were any problems during or after the work and if the contractor was equipped to complete the given task can be asked directly with the owners.

It is always a good policy to shortlist a few companies and ask them a detailed quote after providing the details of the proposed project. It also helps if the contractors are allowed to inspect the proposed site which will help them to provide a cost estimate along with their specifications. Allow them adequate time after the inspection to review the project and present their competence. Below are general tips when searching for a marine contractor:

  1. The cheapest contractor may not be the best and most economical project may not be the most effective project.
  2. Ensure the contractor employs good workman and are well trained in their respective field.
  3. The contractor should follow all the safety regulations and should have adequate insurance cover for the type of work they undertake.
  4. Check with the local licensing agency if the contractor is licensed.
  5. Ask for references and verify them before signing a contract.

The selection of the marine construction services should take into account the contractor’s reputation, qualification, experience and the workman they employ. Also, it is important to sign a written contract signed by both the parties to avoid any implications arising later due to any circumstances. Although, this would mean additional legal cost but it may prevent a headache in the long run.

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