The importance of backlinks in SEO and digital marketing is immense. A large part of a digital marketing team’s SEO efforts goes into creating more and more relevant backlinks for the website. Backlinks are typically valued highly because they serve as an estimate for a search engine to value a website. A given website getting backlinks from high DA relevant websites is naturally deemed as trustworthy by search engines, leading to its search ranking to rise. 

The process of creating backlinks is called link building. A number of link building techniques are used to create backlinks such as blog commenting, social bookmarking, and so on. Amongst these link building techniques, guest blogging is considered the most valuable.

As the name suggests, guest blogging or posting involves writing a guest post for another website. The content piece contains a link to the website being backlinked.  Guest blogging is considered the ideal technique for getting backlinks. This is because it helps improve direct traffic to the website along with creating a useful backlink.

From an online education website to a digital marketing course, the importance accorded to link building is very high. To get regular backlinks with guest posting, digital marketers must master the process of getting accepted as a guest blogger.

In this article, we will discuss how regular backlinks can be created with guest blogging by understanding the right way to get accepted as a guest blogger. 

Identify Ideal Websites for Guest Blogging

Getting backlinks that are relevant is helpful. The term to note here is ‘relevant’. Irrelevant backlinks can become a problem for the website in question down the line. 

Thus, the first step is identifying websites and blogs that are ideal for guest posting. This involves a lot of research. Digital marketers first have to identify all the popular blogs related to their niche with decent traffic and a reasonably high DA. 

After this, marketers have to narrow down the blogs and websites accepting guest posts in the first place. Some blogs have a strict no guest bloggers policy, and there is no point in pursuing such channels for guest posts. 

Analyze Each Website for Content Analysis 

Each website has a certain style of creating content. Despite being in a common niche, two websites are likely to have a different approach to creating content and publishing posts. 

In order to get a guest post published, bloggers have to identify the style and content focus of each blog shortlisted.

Write Guest Post

Based on the style and substance of the content of a shortlisted blog, digital marketers have to work with content writers to create the ideal guest post. Once the guest post is written, digital marketers can approach the website and present the finished blog post. The chances of the guest post being accepted are reasonably high as the content is created keeping in mind the stylistic and content-related tendencies of the guest blog. 

In Conclusion

In conclusion, this article covers the process to get a guest blog approved. When the process is repeated for many different blogs, a regular stream of backlinks begins to form and improves the search rankings of the website in question. 

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