A content management system is the heart and soul behind a website and having a good CMS can make all of the difference when it comes to its everyday usability and functionality. Although most web designers have their own ideas about what they would like to see in their ideal CMS, it’s fair to say that there a number of common ‘essentials’ when it comes to have a really good content management system.

Simple and straightforward to use

It’s not just the techies, the programmers and the developers that should know how to use a CMS. How about the copywriters, the designers and even the CEO? Only a relatively limited number of people can understand computer website code, and even less know how to write it. If you have an easy to use, clear and concise system which allows all types of people working on a website to input their work onto it, it can make updating the website so much easier and smoother.

Minimise the need for code

In relation to the point above, it’s fair to say that the days of only being able to write code to create a great looking website are starting to disappear. It’s now more than possible to build a CMS which allows users to input straightforward text if they just want to create a new webpage or blog post for example, or have defined spaces where images can be uploaded. Even real hard-core techies will probably admit that their lives will be made much quicker if they can just occasionally write in normal English, rather than website jargon.

Have good levels of flexibility

Flexibility is critical to getting things done quickly and efficiently. People shouldn’t have to wait for weeks on end for developers to write into the system some code which allows them to save images of a certain file format, or to be able to create lists in certain types of bullet points for example. Even more important is when it comes to expanding the website – so many businesses now rely on a variety of content formats to sell themselves and their services, so having the ability to add whatever you want to your website via your CMS is crucial.

Good help services

Everyone gets stuck once in a while, even developers of websites! This is when it is crucial to have the support to find a solution quickly and efficiently. This could be in the form of the CMS help book, online information or even a live chat service which can help you fix the problem without delay.


CMS platforms come and go, so if you want your website to stay up to date then it’s important to use one that is going to be around for the duration. Read up on tech blogs and gauge opinions from other professionals to see which would best suit your website. Also look for ones which have avoided a history of bugs affecting their performance and have regular updates to protect the site from spam and hackers.

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