Having a pergola is a nice addition to your home garden’s look and ambiance. In fact, this is one of the most common DIY projects that many homeowners want to try. Pergolas give an ambient feel to space where you can relax in and spend more time outside especially during the summer months. Aside from that, pergolas also add more value to your home.

Choosing A Pergola Design

Having a pergola does not mean that you have to pay a lot of money just to have one. There are now DIY pergola kits that you can buy that comes with instructions, the needed hardware, as well as the pre-cut panels that you need. But if you are not the type of person who enjoys DIY projects, then you can also hire a professional from the Best Roofing Companies in Melbourne.

But before doing so, here are some of the most important things that you have to consider when planning to put up a pergola and finding the perfect pergola design:

  • Your Purpose. If you think you need to add a pergola, ask yourself why. The purpose of the pergola should be considered. Once you know what it’s for, this will give you an idea of the kind of space that you need as well as the amount of shade that you will achieve. Thinking about the purpose of your pergola will also give you options about how private you want it to be. Pergolas are usually built to highlight a walkway, act as an outdoor space extension, or to give shade perfect for barbecues and entertaining your guests.
  • Choosing Pergola Shape And Design. A basic pergola is enough as an attractive addition to your backyard garden or living space extension. Add a splash of color and it will give you a more aesthetic feel. You can also choose from different shapes and designs – rectangular, square, hexagonal, and circular. Though the square and rectangular designs are the most common in many homes. If you are doing an attached pergola, a circular shape will not do. Try using a semi-circle design because it will attach perfectly to your home.
  • Pick The Right Materials. When it comes to pergola building materials, there are different options for you to choose from depending on your preference and budget. Here are the most common materials that you can consider:
  • Wood is the number one material of choice for pergola projects. This is because it is the most conventional and easy to access materials for a pergola. Hardwoods can be costly, but if your budget allows, choose this option because it is more durable and can add a better appeal especially to older home designs.
  • Steel is another good choice. It doesn’t decay but you have to use a chemically treated steel to prevent oxidation which can result in rust. Steel is easier to install compared to wood. It is more convenient and you will need less support.
  • Aluminum, on the other hand, is a lightweight alloy that is very easy to maintain. This is the perfect materials for a pergola if you are living near the sea because of the humidity and salty air that can cause corrosion.

Pergolas are becoming a modern trend worldwide. So why not have it installed in your home? There are plenty of material options to choose from depending on what you prefer as well as your budget. Follow the roofing ideas for pergolas above for your next DIY project.

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