It can be tricky to choose a hat to wear to a wedding since the dress code usually varies depending on whether it is a bohemian wedding, formal wedding, church wedding etc. The following are some excellent tips by Rebecca Couture Millinery for picking the right hat and styling.

The Bride’s Mother

The bride’s mother plays a critical part in the wedding and it is important to ensure that you are confident and comfortable wearing your hat. On the day of the wedding, you will spend a lot of your time meeting and greeting guests as well as having your photo taken. It is important to make sure that you are still visible under the brim of the hat, so you should consider getting a side sweep hat or a perching hat like a cocktail and disc hat.

The Groom’s Mother

No guest at a wedding should traditionally outshine the host. It thus means that the groom’s mother should pick a smaller hat than that of the bride’s mother, such as a cocktail hat. Should both the bride and groom be hosting the wedding, the groom’s mother and bride’s mother can both wear whatever choice of hat they prefer.

Traditional Church Wedding Guest

If you are attending a church wedding in a city or town, it is likely that you will pick a formal and structured outfit that reflects the occasion. You can use a simple, tailored style like a pillbox hat to compliment your outfit and tie the look together.

Country Outdoor Wedding Guest

If you have been invited to a countryside wedding, you are free to wear a bohemian style hat since it is more comfortable and reflects the relaxed theme of the day. If you prefer leaving your hair down, it is the best opportunity for you to wear a floppy hat and allow your locks to flow.

Evening Guest

Headwear for evening guests should be glamorous and elegant such as a headpiece, comb or small cocktail hat that has some sparkle.

Tips for picking the best hat for you:

  • The hat needs to compliment the entire look, so make sure that you start with picking your outfit. Your milliner should be able to help you pick a hat of the right size, colour, and proportion for the outfit. When shopping for the hat on the high street, you should consider carrying the hat with you.
  • When picking a hat for a wedding, you should pay special consideration to your whole silhouette and ensure that it is appropriately sized to balance and compliment your look. For instance, you can use a wide-brimmed hat to balance a full 1950s style skirt or opt for a cocktail hat for a more structured look.
  • Pick a hat that compliments the shape of your face. If you have a round face, use an angular hat which will cut across your face or you can use a rounded hat with soft trim to soften a more angular face. If your face is long, try finding some kind of movement or softness like feathers or an embellished headband. If your face is square, pick an asymmetric hat that can balance the jawline. If your face is heart-shaped, you have a variety of styles to pick from. You shouldn’t allow glasses to overpower the hat if you wear a pair.
  • Pick your colours wisely and you will not only look amazing, but you will be able to shed off a few years off your age. Avoid trying to match the outfit. If the colour actually complements one of the shades in your dress or accessories, you will look amazing. The important thing is to ensure that you pick a shade that matches your complexion.
  • To make sure that you are showing the hat to its full potential, you should wear hair neatly away from your face or up. Avoid wearing sunglasses with the hat.
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