If you don’t already use leaflets and brochures to market your business, then maybe you should. They are a very simple kind of marketing, but really effective. They can convey relatively high levels of information, contact details, order forms, special offers, and they aren’t very expensive to produce. If you opt for high volumes of leaflets you can save money.

Leaflets and brochures work best, however, if their design is based on research. So you might engage in split testing. This is where you release two different designs of a leaflet, choosing the one that generates the most positive response. You can then repeat this testing over and over again, so that, in theory, you’re left with the most effective leaflet possible.

Split testing in this way takes time and money, but it’s definitely worth it. there may be a tipping point, where one leaflet design suddenly starts to work, strikes the right balance between information and design, size and aesthetics.

The fact is, though, that even a relatively simple leaflet, one that hasn’t been designed with any great skill, can still have positive effects for your brand. Thanks to cheap brochure printing online, you can afford to invest in a brochure or leaflet marketing campaign, even if you’re a smaller or start-up company. Brochure printers are now more accessible for all different kinds of businesses, which has to be a good thing.

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