You can truly experience paradise when you visit a place such as Bintan. This island, one of the Indonesia’s Riau Archipelago islands, can be accessed by boat from Singapore. Known for its secluded beaches and interesting array of water sports, Bintan real estate provides residents and guests with luxury and convenience.

For example, a one-bedroom sea view apartment for sale in Bintan displays a compact design and the finest in amenities. Developers showcase resort living in 41 to 52 sqm units that contain a master bedroom with a separate living area. Each square meter of the apartment has been designed to optimize space. The dining and living areas nicely flow so the space is integrated yet divided.

One-Bedroom Apartments with Mezzanine

Besides basic one-bedroom units, you can also find one-bedroom apartments with mezzanines. Two-bedroom units also have one of these two design themes. The apartments with a mezzanine level are loft-style residences. The addition of a mezzanine provides about 10 square meters of extra living space. The mezzanine area enables apartment residents to enjoy reading or leisure activities with more privacy. The dining area and pantry normally sit below the mezzanine.

If you live in this type of apartment in Bintan, you can visit this resort island location just about any time of the year. You can also choose to live in the housing permanently if you are retired or plan to do business in Singapore, in Bintan, or in a nearby area.

A Deluxe Holiday Lifestyle

When you invest in a resort apartment in Bintan, you are choosing a deluxe lifestyle that provides you or your guests with a memorable island experience in upscale living conditions. By choosing this type of property that is branded, you can also enjoy the backing of respected and dependable hospitality brand companies.

A Quicker Return on Your Investment

If you choose to invest in apartments and rent them, you will find that these types of rentals generate a faster return on investment than a hotel. That is because people want to feel as though they are spending time in a home away from home and do not want to feel the impermanency of a hotel. If you would like to invest in this type of real estate, you should consider a leaseback proposition for the best return. The reduced operating costs mean a higher rental income.

A Special Place in Asia

Everyone appreciates properties that sit next to the ocean or sea. You will like the location yourself as well. Bintan is one of those special places in Asia that offers visitors a true escape in a resort location. Therefore, it is easy to promote the use of real estate. Whether you are seeking to use the rental yourself or rent apartments, you will find that any investment in the Bintan real estate market is money that is well spent.

Have you been seeking an investment that is located in the midst of paradise? If so, you cannot discount the beauty of the properties featured in Bintan. Review the apartments yourself and see how you can make your real estate dreams come true.

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