Safety can’t sit second to any in the list of priorities, especially when it comes to cars, road and traffic. So, if you are a regular car user, there will be certain maintenance tasks that you need to exercise, firstly for your safety and then for any other reason. Among all the other parts that contribute directly or indirectly to the car safety, the most crucial one is the brake, that not only ensures the safety of the occupants inside the car, but also people outside who are either on foot or travelling in another car. So, before you start your car and drive it out of the parking lot, it is necessary for you to check the brakes, and the technicians who serve at the Phoenix Mazda service center, show us how.

When it is Time to Check the Car Brakes

Though there’s no such thing called perfect time to get your car brakes inspected, there are some occasions that make it all the more necessary than others. One is when your kids are going back to school after the vacation, and the other is before the winter season hits your city. While the first one doesn’t need any explanation, it becomes necessary to explain why winter isn’t a good time for your brakes. As this is the season when the car fluids get condensed and many times your car needs a bit more time to wake up and get started, the brake fluids too might not behave the way they should and as a result the brakes might not react as responsibly, as you want it to be. So, this is a season when you need to take more care of your car brakes.

Brakes fall under the normal wear category of items for any car that need to be replaced eventually. But with a routine maintenance, you can prolong the life span of your car’s braking system while keeping it tuned to be as responsive as new. A thorough session of inspection of the brake will take care of the wear of its lining, check the level of brake fluid, thickness of the rotor, as well as condition of the hoses and brake lines. It is only the trained technicians who can say, if the brake and dash warning lights are working fine and detect any other potential problems of the brake system.

Signs of Trouble

The technical expert team of the Mazda Phoenix service center, pointed out that if a car shows tendency of pulling either to the left or to the right, there’s trouble with the brakes. Same is the case, if there are any odd noises while applying the brakes. 

Other warning signs that they wanted us to know about are, an illuminated brake warning light, low pedal feel, vibration, hard pedal feel, brake grabbing and any squealing noise.

They concluded the discussion with a note on driving habits, overall vehicle conditions, type and quality of the brake lining material, as each of them plays a significant role in the wellbeing of the car brakes. They send a warning to all car users never to put off a routine brake inspection or a recommended repair as those will cost lesser than the lives.

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