Meeting rooms are big business. Companies often need a place to gather for a conference, presentation or seminar that gets everyone out of the office and all together under one roof. No phones ringing, no computers pinging, no distractions.

As a hospitality group, the chances are you offer meeting rooms as part of your service. There are a host of potential requirements companies may have, from room size to facilities, catering to accommodation requests. It can prove somewhat time consuming for businesses to handle all of these inquiries – so introducing a new system of hospitality meeting room booking software could prove cost effective and time saving.


Today, most customers expect to be able to make most of their transactions online. From home shopping to booking a holiday, there is very often no need for the middle man, with online technologies enabling independent booking. By allowing your customers to view and book your meeting rooms via your website, you will be offering a competitive and cutting-edge service that saves you money and saves them time.

A simple step-by-step process

Heard of the phrase ‘customer journey’? Essentially, it means the steps your customer takes from the start of your process to the end. Having a simple online customer journey to show your prospective clients the meeting rooms, enable them to select their choices, make a booking and pay at the same time is a great way of giving a condensed yet highly effective service. Add in the opportunity to amend or rearrange a booking, and you will be getting a good competitive edge over other hospitality groups.


Big benefits all round

Giving your customers direct access to your booking system has multiple advantages. For a start, there is no third party agent taking a fee or pitting you against other companies. It also gives you a valuable opportunity to attract new business and easily retain these customers – offering a simple, straightforward and effective system will keep your customers coming back time and time again.

Making bookings over the phone or by email can often be a long-winded process, both for the customer and your staff. Often people suddenly remember they need to ask something else, so they phone back and you start the conversation all over again. Getting the right software means you can put details about every room, its facilities, catering options, prices and equipment all on one page so they can make an informed decision based upon easily accessible information.


Winning and retaining clients is a must for every business in today’s competitive environment. It really is key for organisations to keep up to speed with evolving technology, learning to embrace it and use it to maximum effect. Installing a software system to allow your customers to manage their own online bookings is relatively simple. It will give them full control over their bookings, as well as free up your time to focus on more complex tasks.

Once customers are registered with you they’ll be far more likely to give you repeat business, or to recommend you to friends and colleagues.It’s also a good way for you to manage bookings and payments yourself, without any third party management or agency taking fees. Installing the software itself is fairly quick and easy, too, so you have every incentive to make your meeting rooms available to customers online as soon as possible.

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