Australia is one of the most preferred countries in the world to work and live. You can apply for Permanent Residency (PR) to get visa to work and live.  With several business establishments, schools, tourist spots and thriving sectors the country assure standard and secured life for the peopled entering the country. There is no doubt work and live in Australia is the dream of most of the present generation. If you are looking for the best visa program to fly Australia, then here is the important information for you.

Type of visa to select from

The country provides you with several visa options to apply permanent residency visa Australia. You can select from more than 30 visa options. Some of the important visa options include non sponsored visa (subclass 189), state nominated visa (subclass 190) and employer nominated visa (subclass 186). These visa programs can be used by the professional who love to find a perfect job in Australia and continue their life there.

Non Sponsored Visa

In this program, applicant has to select a job from Skilled Occupation List (SOL) of Australia to apply for visa. There are visa consultants who can help you in selecting the best job that better meets your academic profile and preferences.

State Nominated Visa

If you apply for state nominated visa, you have to select a job from SOL of particular state only.

Employer nominated visa

In this visa program, a reputed Australian employer has to nominate you for the visa. If you have the necessary academic and experience certificate it is not a difficult task for you to find a job with reputed employer and to get nominated for the visa.


Most of the types of PR visa programs demand point based immigration systems. Some of the important factors to calculate points include age, education, language proficiency, work experience, financial ability etc. You should gain minimum of 60 points to quality for visa application. But it doesn’t mean that 60 points bring you the visa. You have to get good points to boost up the chances to get PR visa.

Check your point online

If you are about to start with your Australia permanent residency process, then you can check your points online to know eligibility. There are reputed visa consulting service providers to help you in getting good points to apply for PR visa. Even though you can submit the application yourself, it is certainly a good idea to get professional help to be free from any of the mistakes or pitfalls.

With incredible professional experience, they can help you in meeting all the legal formalities and papers in accordance with PR visa application. You will be provided with professional assistance in making the necessary certificates and to meet the legal requirements framed by the Australian Government.

Now it is your time to stop dreaming and to put PR process in action. Reputed visa consultants are never away from you. They can help you in getting your visa on hands without any headaches.

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