All business leaders are aware of the fact that their employees would be their biggest resource and the most vital asset. As underlined by Ram V Chary, no business can function without its workers. And hence all company leaders must try their best to make the employees feel encouraged and inspired on a daily basis, which motivates them to enhance their productivity level. Ram Chary himself has held several leadership positions in the corporate world, and hence is experienced enough to discuss this topic.  He lays emphasis on the fact that to achieve the best results, the managers and other company leaders must constantly think about methods to motive their team.

Many researches have shown that positive emotions tend to be at the root of human motivation. Hence, it is important to take into consideration how the employees of a company ‘feel’ to drive the motivation deep within them. Ram V Chary underlines that no matter the industry or the size of a company, the aspect of human nature would be same in all of them. Hence, it is vital for the leaders of all companies to know how to motivate their employees to ensure maximum productivity. 

Even though this whole task can be quite frustrating and challenging, by acquiring the knowledge needed to inspire loyalty among employees can help the managers to make sure that their staff members are enthusiastically performing their relevant duties.  Here are some strategies underlined by Ram V Chary that can aid managers to create the perfect atmosphere at the workplace motivating others: 

  • The managers must try to get off right track by making clear and consistent goals by having one-on-one conversations with their discerning workers. Almost all leaders are able to strive as the strengthen relationships with their workers by spending more one-on-one time with them for the purpose of hearing their problems, ideas, suggestions and issues, as well as talking about work and performance issues. 
  • All great leaders tend to show a keen interest in the lives of their employees, especially their jobs and career aspirations to find out what motivates them in the best way. Once this element has been established, they must try to work towards creating learning and development opportunities for these workers. 
  • In many cases, the employees of a company are never asked what they need to do their job in a better fashion. As pointed out by Ram V Chary, it is time that they are asked this question. Knowing what the employees need to work more effectively can provide the managers with the information to make right decision. 

In addition to the pointers mentioned above, all managers must also remember simple things like complimenting their workers as often possible. Recognizing the efforts of the employees can work wonders in encouraging them to work even more efficiently. 

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