Though GMC has been known for its conventional approach towards making vehicles, rumors are spreading on wild flow, that this leading manufacturing brand is all geared up to launch a handful of new models that will be built with futuristic concepts. A reliable source we know at the Salem GMC dealer shared with us the following pieces of information in support of these rumors. 

Future of Terrain

The smallest SUV in the catalogue of GMC is the Terrain. As of now we know, the 2019 model of GMC is running with three powertrain options, one is with a 1.5- engine while the other two are 2.0-litre petrol/gasoline and 1.6-litre diesel. Among them, the petrol engines are paired to a standard nine-speed automatic transmission. When GMC released the 2020 model year of Terrain, it counted in some additional features tagged under the ‘Pro Safety’ package. 

But GMC lovers are predicting that the “2021MY Terrain” will most likely be facelifted with an AT4 trim model added to the lineup. But the sources say, that’s not the big thing yet. The next generation model that will change the face of GMC Terrain altogether might appear as CY2024, in which the manufacturer is planning to implement the VSS-F architecture.

Future of Acadia 

Right now, the GMC Acadia moves either as a five, six- or seven-seating crossover. Built shorter in size from its last model by 4,917mm, GM has been making this 2WD versions lighter than the old model now weighing 1,794kg from its earlier 2,112kg. This new model now enhances the performance score by helping the driver with a drive mode selector, named as Normal, Snow, Sport and Trailer/Tow that can alter both the chassis and the powertrain attributes to handle every driving condition. 

In the coming lineup of GMC Acadia, the All-Terrain trims are most likely to offer an AWD system that will be given the advantage of working with an Active Twin Clutch. This will most probably replace the Off Road mode currently seen on the drive mode selector, to enhance the hill-climb capability. The upcoming All-Terrain models of GMC Acadia can be distinguished from the rest of the models in the lineup with a surrounding body-color grille, a pitch black chrome design and uniquely patterned wheels. 

Our known source at the GMC dealer Salem confirmed that in the next February, GMC will also announce a facelift in addition to the introduction of the AT4 variant that will include powertrain changes for the immediately appearing 2020 model year. This will see a turbocharged 2.0-litre four-cylinder engine in tune a nine-speed automatic transmission. A new pair of in-house Hydra-Matic 9T65 transmissions will join the crew as well replacing the earlier six-speed transmission. GMC will also keep the 2.5-litre four-cylinder engine available apart from the 3.6-litre V6 engines. But much like the Terrain, even the Acadia is expecting a huge facelift for the 2024 model year.

The popular Jimmy and Envoy badges have the chances to return with the 2020 or 2021 model year releases. Rumors say, that they will probably implement the 31xx architecture that will take these popular SUV models to the next level of futuristic concepts.

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