With so many expenses involved with planning your wedding, it’s very common for couples to search for the cheapest deals when they head out shopping. Chances are that you’ll be spending a lot of time in various stores trying to get all the wedding supplies of your lists, so staring at those little price tags and trying to remember how much little things like cocktail napkins cost from store to store can get really tedious. Fortunately, there are plenty of great items that are not too expensive in every category of wedding item that you will be shopping for. To help you out, here are a few ideas that will help you as you shop so you can get in and out in as little time as possible. Many things for your wedding can even be purchased online, which means you can get a great deal without standing in endless lines and trying to keep track of prices.


Finding cheap wedding decorations can be a very simple task if you know where to shop. If you’ve already been out shopping at your local bridal shop, then you know how much they charge for every little thing. Instead, you need to look in places that aren’t normally considered a resource for wedding shoppers. The first place I like to look is the dollar store because they will have a lot of great options that are very inexpensive. Another idea is the party store, but make sure you avoid the actual wedding section. Even the party store charges more for wedding-specific supplies, so camouflaging your purpose by shopping in other areas of the store can save you a ton of money on your wedding decorations.

Wedding Favors

Another item that can take a bite out of your wedding budget is your wedding favors. Typically, wedding favors are personalized in some way, and that’s going to add to the cost. Whether you buy personalized shot glasses or custom printed Zippo lighters, you’re going to pay a premium price for your wedding favors. However, there’s another option, and that’s choosing wedding favors that are more useful than commemorative. One of my personal favorites is to buy wedding sparklers for all of your guests because they are really cheap and everyone will love them. The same concept works for confetti, bubbles, or any other fun item that can make your wedding better and also take the place of shopping for traditional wedding favors.

Wedding Cake

Shopping for your wedding cake may seem like you need to head to your local bakery, but you can actually dress up an average looking cake or set of cupcakes with some fun decorations to keep things cheap while still being delicious. Consider buying some plastic rings that are shaped like hearts from either the dollar store or the party store and sticking them into the frosting on are regular white sheet cake or white cupcakes. It won’t be quite as elegant as an actual wedding cake, but it will cost you only a fraction of the price. If you’re trying to keep your wedding really cheap, substituting regular cake for a wedding cake is a crucial money saver.

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