Healthy and heavy muscles are the requirements of the each and every individual especially of sportsmen. Any wound or damage to muscle and muscle tissues can seriously affect the performance on the field and that is what a sports person does not want to happen. Therefore, the faster they recover their muscles, the sooner they will come back to their best and perform better.

The best tips for muscle recovery can be summarized as following:

Go for Active Recovery:

Active recovery method after exercise is the best and most effective way of rebuilding the damaged muscles. The purpose of active recovery is to facilitate the flow of blood carrying important nutrient to muscles after doing exercise. Furthermore, active recovery also expels the waste material from body that hampers the recovery of muscles. Active recovery routines usually include walking, yoga and swimming in addition to biking and other low intensity exercises.

Optimize your Meal:

You should take special care of your meal after the workouts as it happens to be the most important meal of the day. This meal should be a combination of proteins and carbohydrates as the later decreases the risks of breakdown of muscle proteins after extensive workouts. This allows proteins to carry on their role of muscle repairing without any hindrance. To make most of your meal, you should take it within first 2 hours of exercise.

Adequate Sleep:

It is an established fact that sleep deprivations can cause unwanted weight gain in addition to stress and depression. The lack of sleep is also responsible for obstructed recovery of muscle because it can change the normal feeding behaviors in addition with altering glucose metabolism. Furthermore, lack of sleep results in increase in production of cortisol and decrease in production of testosterones that also result in decrease synthesis of proteins and inhibited muscle recovery.

More Consumption of Proteins:

You need to take as much protein as possible if you want to stay fit and healthy with strong muscles. Protein is necessary for repairing damaged muscle tissues and retention of nitrogen in the body. Furthermore, proteins are an integral part of each and every cell within human body and therefore indispensable for healthy body. The important sources of proteins are foods like fish, lean meat, chicken, vegetables, fruits and legal muscles recovery sports supplements.

Drink Plenty of Water:

As a fact of matter, 75% of human muscles are comprised of water and therefore water is necessary for proper functioning of human body. One needs to drink at least a gallon of water daily because it also helps in preventing extra cellular water retention.

Take Some Rest:

You should spare some time out of your hectic schedule for your health as well. In general, a one week rest after 2-3 months is adequate for giving enough time to your muscles to repair and for your nervous system to revitalize itself.

No Smoking:

Smoking inhibits the recovery of muscles because it reduces the secretion of testosterones and obstructs the glucose metabolism. Both these things are necessary for the synthesis of proteins that ultimately repair the torn muscles.


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