Are you an iPhone user? Safari is the browser you have to use here. We will give you the steps to manage pop-ups. It is very disturbing when you are viewing an important email, but suddenly a popup comes. Many times they are not easy to remove also and hence one is diverted to the link forcefully and made him download a few content accordingly. It creates many problems when there are viruses and malware get download due to them.

The iPhone users can avoid this in two ways. Either disable the popup or use the pop-up blocker. Following the ways of how iPhone users can manage the popups in Safari.

Steps to manage popups in Safari are as follows –

  1. Go to the option, ‘ setting’ –

You can view the settings option in the home screen of your iPhone. You can see the safari option there. The drop down option will come. You have to choose the suitable option. You can choose block pop-up. This is the way you can easily manage popup in safari. The preference option includes the security option.

  1. Locate the Safari-

The second step is to find the Safari browser on your Apple smartphone. For this also you have to go to the setting option. Once you get it, you can change and manage popup. Once you click over to the preference option, you can see the security tab showing active. There you can get options like:

  • Warning for fraudulent websites
  • Enable javascript
  • Block popup windows

You have to click on the last option, ‘Block pop-up windows.’ Automatically, Safari will block the popup.

  1. Manage Pop-up blocker-

You will get an option in the right-hand side corner just after you click safari option. Yes, you can see something stating, ‘block pop-ups.’ You can also get two other options saying switch on a blocker and switch off blocker. Do you know which one you must select here? The appropriate selection over here is, ‘switch off the blocker.’ There are times when you need to change the option. You can select, ‘switch the blocker off option.

Some users report troubles in managing the popups. In such a situation, you should call us. We have a toll-free number which will connect you directly to us.

  1. Ad blocks for blocking Ads –

The pop-ups are generally used by the advertising companies. They wish the iPhone users to click on the particular link. As a result, there is a fair chance of viewing the ad. But, normally people don’t wish to view the ad in the middle of an important task. They find ways to avoid these ads. The iPhone users have the safari extension Ad Block filters. This will filter the advertisement and stop it coming in the form of a popup. This is available for both the iPhone users and Android phone users. This is one of the effective ways of how iPhone users can manage the popups in Safari.


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