If you are a sewing enthusiast, knowing the different kinds of sewing machine needles is of absolute importance. There are different types and sizes of sewing needles in the market and finding the one that works for your needs is very important. When buying a sewing machine, it is good to consider whether the brand allows you to work with needles from other companies and if not, seek to know whether their needles are readily available to you. A good example is singer sewing machine brand which only works with needles from singer and not from other companies.

This said, it will be good to note that just as there are different types of sewing machines, there are also numerous sewing needle options for you to consider. Here are different types of needles you should know about: –

Sharp sewing needles

Sharp needles are essential for use when dealing with natural materials such as cotton, wool, cotton jersey and linen. While this may sound funny, these needles are basically known by that name.

Stretch Needles

Basically, these are coated ballpoint needles which are designed to slip through tough fabrics with ease. These needles work well with stretchy fabrics which are tricky as they end up with missed stitches or puckering in a seam. Needles find it hard to break up the fibers and sew properly. However, the coating enables the stretchy needles to slide through the fabric and result in proper stitching.

Jersey or ballpoint needles

Ballpoint needles are ideal for manmade fabrics such as polyester, poly cotton, viscose and other combinations. These sewing needles are also called jersey needles and have rounded edges. They work by pushing the weave using the rounded tip while sewing instead of cutting through it.

Leather Needles

These spear-shaped needles are designed for sewing leather fabrics. They normally cut the leather when the stitch is formed without any struggles. Sewing leather or faux leather with the ordinary size needles only leads to damage and the stitch will be hard to form. If you are dealing with leather, always go for leather needles as they are specifically designed for this.

Machine Embroidery Needles

Machine embroidery needles come in various sizes. They are used with embroidery machines which are designed to produce elaborate designs at a very high speed. With these needles, your machine can sew solid designs without breaking the needles or ripping the fabric. You can buy titanium machine embroidery needles which are able to withstand intense heat created during the swift movements while sewing. Doing this same work with ordinary needles normally leads to breakages. Embroidery needles have larger eyes to help hold slightly thicker embroidery threads without any challenges.

Quilting needles

These have an extra strong shaft to help sew several sheets of woven fabric easily and without breaking. The sewing needles have a tapered point capable of penetrating these layers without shredding the fabric and the thread used while sewing.

Microtex Needles

These are designed for all types of sewing projects ranging from embroidery to stretchy fabrics to waterproofed fabric. They are sharper and slender than universal sewing needles.

Other needles include topstitching, serger or industrial and wing. When buying needles for your sewing machine, always make sure you have the right choice for guaranteed quality outcome.


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