There are many women who are addicted to cigarettes and are interested to get pregnant and have their babies. It may be tough for them to leave their regular cigarette habits. Hence, some may consider taking to e-cigarettes and vapes during pregnancy.  The question that is commonly asked by such women is, if it is safe for them to use e-cigarettes as an alternative.

About vaping and electronic cigarettes

These are touted by its manufacturers to be a safe choice when compared to smoking regular cigarettes. They also claim to help the passive smoker to stop smoking with time. However, what one needs to understand is the fact that such devices still are known to have nicotine placed into the body. Hence, for the pregnant or breastfeeding woman, E-Cigarettes During Pregnancy is not at all a good choice to make.

Basically, e-cigarette is considered to be device to help provide nicotine delivery. Few of them have the appearance of that of regular cigarettes, while others have that futuristic look and feel. They contain a cartridge which is filled with liquid containing nicotine and a battery. The liquid comes with chemicals such as polyethylene glycol or glycerin along with interesting flavorings. Within the e-cigarette, the liquid gets heated up and changes into vapor that is inhaled. Therefore, the term ‘vaping’ is used.

Why it is not safe?

Nicotine gets delivered to the lungs by having tobacco burned when the regular cigarette is used. Smoke is created upon inhaling it. Tobacco smoke also contains toxic chemicals in hundreds. Is vaping safe during pregnancy? Vapor that emerges from the e-cigarette does contain nicotine. It does come with serious implications in pregnant women. It is likely to have chemical traces in it like nickel and chromium which can harm the developing fetus.

E-cigarettes are known to make use of liquids which are not properly regulated. Most of them are said to contain various types of chemicals and flavoring agents. Studies have not been conducted pertaining to the safety of such vapor inhaling in any individual, leave alone the pregnant women.

Safety misunderstandings

Studies conducted have shown clearly that several pregnant women do have that some misconceptions with regards to using e-cigarettes. About 43% of them imagined that vaping and e-cigarettes were quite safer to be used by them during pregnancy when compared to regular cigarettes. It is only 53% of the pregnant women, who understood that nicotine is contained in e-cigarettes and around 61% knew it to be addictive.

Pregnancy, nicotine and the baby

It is the ultimate truth that smoking nicotine through the e-cigarette device is sure to place this harmful chemical into the body and that of the baby. No ‘safe’ level with regards to exposure to nicotine in pregnancy exists. Pre-birth exposure to nicotine has been linked towards altering the brain function and structure in babies. During pregnancy, the tobacco products used are likely to be associated with stillbirth, miscarriage, birth defects, prematurity, instant infant death syndrome, etc. One has to understand that nicotine, be it through the electronic cigarettes or regular cigarettes can show up in breast milk.

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