It is difficult to find a trade in which you can safely say you will always make money. Many of the higher paid industries require a huge amount of investment and so the old saying goes that rich get richer. You can either make a huge investment yourself if you happen to be wealthy enough to do so, or you can train to work in a business that will always be needed.


Banks are of course the most obvious business that will always make money. Now despite some banks making large losses, most will always be ok. Very rarely do we hear of a bank going bust. Despite the fact that opening a bank is a sound business investment, in reality, the chances of you being able to do this are very low. As such, the only way to get into this line of work is training in a financial area that interests you, and then you can apply for a job at a bank.

Learn how to start your own bank here.

Property Management

Becoming a property management tycoon is another sure-fire way to make money. You need to be incredibly wealthy or have access to someone willing to finance you. The basic business concept is easy, to be honest. Buy 4 or 5 decent properties and then rent them out.

As long as you are sensible with the money you make, you will be able to pay yourself handsomely, and you will also have enough saved up to continue purchasing more properties. It’s a winning business if property prices also go up, and even they go down it doesn’t matter because you will be earning free rent money from your tenants.

For most of us normal folk, we don’t have large amounts of cash available to us to splash out on properties that we can then live off thanks to being able to rent them out. Therefore, you can look at training yourself within the real estate profession and climb the ladder on your own.

Most people that work in this industry get great deals on mortgages and often get to hear about bargain basement property deals that never actually hit the internet or high street. This is because those working within the industry snap these deals up before, they can get to become public knowledge, and so if you manage your salary well enough, you could end up building your own property empire just by starting at the bottom in this industry.

Read about property management here from Investopedia.

Gaming Clubs

Now, this is one industry that you need to as big as a bank to start out in. Although there are numerous success stories out there from people that started their own underground casino and grew the casino into an empire.

Now there are no doubt the winners and looser when comes to starting an underground casino. For instance, there have to be the guys where the odds of the roulette table did not go in favor of the house and the owner could not pay, but these failures will be far less than those that succeed because let’s face it, Blackjack and Roulette are set up to let the house win.

If you want to take the legal route an open your own casino, well, good luck. It is almost impossible to do. Although, it is also not impossible (I said almost impossible in the last sentence). Some people have started out by opening their own slot machine establishment.

They then introduce electronic roulette games, then poker games and the blackjack games come rolling in and suddenly that person is literally running his or her own casino. It is all about due process and picking up licenses along the way, and this is how small establishments grow into casino lounges.

Most of us more than likely will not take this path, or at least we may not consider it until we have at least worked within the industry. As long as you have no criminal record you can apply to become a croupier, slot machine technician, cashier, accountant, IT specialist, or one of the many other professions in this line of work. This will get your foot in the door. There are also a large number of online casinos that hire a variety of staff these days. More information here.

Gentleman’s Clubs

It seems that the gentleman’s club is becoming increasingly popular these days. These are establishments in which men can frequent and meet up with a beautiful companion. Of course, the table that you sit at is for rent per hour, and it happens to come with a beautiful girl sitting there.

This is how some places get around certain laws in some countries. That said, in most countries around the world, they are quite liberal about these gentleman’s clubs and as long as the ladies are consenting adults, then usually there is not a problem.

Men will always seek female company whether it is by visiting a bar and chatting ladies up with pick up lines or just going for the easy option of visiting a gentleman’s club. Opening one of these clubs is actually not very difficult, but they are slow to get going and to get the word around as advertising these types of establishments can be difficult, to say the least.

It is much like opening a bar. The bar needs to establish itself before having its busy days. However, gentleman’s clubs are a little more restrictive on the clientele they attract. It’s not a family place and generally, not somewhere you would bring your wife or girlfriend. Literally, the market is only open to single men that are willing to go to the club and spend money on good looking ladies.

That means you will need to have a decent amount of cash backed up to get you through the quiet opening months and pay for the ladies salaries who are going to earn your club a reputation for being a fun place to visit with lovely ladies. If you don’t have enough money to keep them on board, you won’t have enough ladies to entertain your guests and soon word will get around that the club is not that good.

Get this business right, and continue to get it right, and you could end up making a lot of money!

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