Today, when somebody tells you that you need to open a shop to market and sell your services or products, chances are pretty good that they are not talking about a good old-fashioned brick-and-mortar storefront. While traditional store can be a good thing for your business in many ways, you’ll never reach the same number of customers from a physical location as you will from an online store. That’s where e-commerce solutions come in. To sell your services or products online, you need two basic things which are a website and a reliable method for receiving and managing payments. A good, comprehensive e-commerce platform allows you to manage every aspect of your online store, and our Weebly e-commerce review should help you narrow down your choices.

One of our favorites e-commerce platforms is Weebly, and there are more than enough reasons for us to hold the popular e-commerce platform in such high regard. You can also see from many a Weebly ecommerce review, that we are not the only ones who notice what a great tool it is. Weebly is one of the easiest platforms to use and business owners both new and experienced can quickly create highly professional e-commerce websites with no previous web development knowledge. All system is drag-and-drop so the design flexibility is among the best on the market, there are no complex terms and no extreme learning curves to grapple with, features like sharing and SEO tools are readily available, and the customer support is always available in case there are any issues that creep up.

When it comes to website building, Weebly has a few options that we really like. There are many ready-made templates designed for particular types of online stores, but in the rare event that a template doesn’t quite suit your needs an entirely new look and feel can be created through the drag-and-drop system. All of the designs are also fully responsive which means they easily adapt to virtually any screen that the website is up and onto. It really couldn’t get any easier to build a professional looking website.

Another nice thing about Weebly is the fact that they know full well that not everybody who wants to sell something is a major player in the marketplace. While megastores can easily shell out thousands on their online storefront’s creation, implementation, and management, the majority of people selling online require more affordable options.

Weebly’s free option is a perfect starter option for anybody to looking to get their feet wet. Users get a subdomain in order to test out how the tool works. For as little as five dollars a month, users are allowed to use their own domain names which is very useful for businesses that are already established and whose name is already out in the marketplace. Users are ready to get a little bit more serious, the Pro version and the business version are powerful enough to run an entire business. At $12 per month and $25 per month respectively, each comes with a full suite of services you can to those found on some of the biggest e-commerce webpages online.

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