IPAF courses

For those whose line of work necessitates the use of powered access equipment, IPAF training programs have been developed. The courses include a variety of topics, such as the operation of machinery from categories 3a, 3b, and 1b, as well as scissors, booms, construction hoists, mast climbing work platforms, and more. Service technicians, operators, demonstrators, managers, supervisors, instructors, and installers are the target audiences for these training sessions.

 The Work at Height Regulations 2015 said that companies must ensure concerned personnel are effectively trained or overseen by a knowledgeable and experienced person, even though there are no legal requirements for employees working at height to receive such certification. 

Ensures That Users Are Aware Of Safe Platform Usage

This implies that a skilled operator ensures the equipment is positioned correctly, providing maximum safety for the user and others. Knowing the lanyard and safety harness to use with the platform will also help you stay safe.

Establish A Strong Base For The Usage Of Machines

Accidents can happen no matter how meticulously a MEWP is put up since dangers are still involved. Thus, it is crucial to understand the machine being used, addressed in IPAF courses London.

Ensures The Security Of Anyone Using The Platform’s Surrounding Area

Large machinery has a risk of harm and injury that may affect anybody besides the operator. Large machinery poses such hazards, and implementing emergency protocols is imperative. Even though nobody wants to employ these techniques, they are still crucial. Recognising possible risks is essential for creating such processes and should be taught in an IPAF training session. Therefore, it is required of a qualified operator to recognise threats right away and know what to do in an emergency.

 Give the abilities and information needed to identify risks. IPAF courses London is essential for equipping workers with the necessary information to identify possible threats and to develop a rescue plan that can be executed quickly by those around. A rescue strategy is crucial if an operator becomes caught between a building and a platform. The rescue strategy will get the operator to safety without aggravating any existing injuries. This training certification should be obtained by everyone who works at a height. Although the IPAF does not offer training, there are several training facilities worldwide.


It is recommended that anybody who works with MEWPs has a PAL card, which they may obtain after taking an IPAF training course. The card, which has a five-year expiration date, will prove that the bearer is authorised to operate the particular apparatus for which they have received training. IPAF training will guarantee the safety of nearby residents as well as MEWP operators. Online training programs for e-learning are also accessible.

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