Wedding preparations involve a lot of important decisions, choosing the venue being the most significant one. The place where you say ‘I DO’ needs to be special, and every guest attending the wedding needs to love it! It will take a lot of research, a visit to multiple venues, and plenty of time to finally decide on a place where you can have the wedding of your dreams.

Everyone has a vision about their wedding day, and while finding the venue, they keep that vision in mind. The good news is that there are wedding venues in Essex which can cater to all possible needs. All you need is clarity about what you want and direct your research in the right direction.

Things to consider while booking a wedding venue

We understand you are already feeling the wedding jitters, and the daunting research task can get on your nerves! So, we have listed the things you should consider while booking a venue for the most special day of your life.

Space Availability

Confirm if the place can accommodate the number of guests you have invited. There should be enough room for everyone to move around, avoiding suffocation and discomfort. Crowded places are a big no as they will spoil everyone’s experience.

Indoor or Outdoor

Check the indoor and outdoor venue options and finalize something you feel would be best for your wedding. Make sure you ask about the kind of arrangements they make and prefer checking the pictures of weddings previously organized.

Décor Options

Ask for the décor options that the venue can offer and also enquire if you can bring your decorators if you want. Check the sample photographs to get a clearer idea and finalize something only when you love it.

Food Menu

Food is the soul of any event, and weddings are no different! Check the menu available at the venue and ask them if you can make alterations to it. Decide a menu keeping in mind your guests’ tastes, and plan for a tasting session to ensure the quality of the flavours.

Accessibility and Parking

The place also needs to be accessible for the guests so that they don’t find it challenging to locate it. Even if you plan a countryside wedding, choose the wedding venues in Essex having better connectivity with the nearest city. Furthermore, make sure there is enough parking space for the vehicles as that comes as a challenge many times.

With these things in mind, you can narrow all the options and finalize where you want to host the wedding. Whatever else you do, never skimp on the research part, as you might miss out on the best options if you do not pay attention. So be patient, visit the places before final booking, and make your day the most memorable.

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