Weekend getaways are the perfect way to relax and forget about your worries. They are even better when you are going for a romantic getaway together with your loved one. Packing for a short trip is always challenging because you don’t want to be bringing too much things with you but also don’t want to forget any essentials either.

To help you out here are the must have items you need to have for a romantic getaway.

Simple Basic Makeup Bag

A lot of women tend to overdo their travel makeup bag and this will end up taking a lot of valuable bag space. You really don’t need to take too much things for a romantic weekend getaway in terms of makeup. Having the essentials is all it’ll take.

Make sure you have small handy travel bottles of cleansing products. You then need your lotion and just the basic makeup’s that everyone should own. Remember that you don’t need to take many different eye shadow palettes either. Just take one that goes well with the clothes you’re taking with you.

Make sure you also pack a nice fragrance with you. If you really want to surprise your loved one then buy a new romantic fragrance to go with you. You could also get a nice fragrance body lotion to ensure you always have a lovely scent.

The Essential Clothing

You then need to have a good selection of essential clothing as well. The key is to take just a few items but items that are very versatile. Naturally it depends a little bit on the amount of time you are going to spend outside the hotel room so be prepared for going out and staying in.

Naturally you want to have enough nice sexy underwear with you. Make sure you have a few pieces of really steamy options but also a good set of comfortable yet romantic underwear as well. Your Tango has some great tips for picking underwear that men will love.

Get a nice pyjama that’ll look lovely on you. Hotels often have a bathrobe available so you don’t need to pack your own with you unless you really want to.

It is also a good idea to get a really lovely party dress with you as well. This is a must because you’ll probably go out to eat in a lovely restaurant at least once. In case you go out the second night you could take some lovely sparkling leggings and match it with a nice party top.

Make sure you also have a comfortable pair of jeans or more casual leggings that you can wear with a cardigan and t-shirt, for instance. This is in case you go around the town during the daytime, perhaps when you are shopping and travelling .

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