Bangalore is known for its IT hubs and offices. A huge percentage of India’s youth lives in this city to work and contribute to the country’s economy. But what is not known is that Bangalore is culturally a very rich city. The food and local cuisines are also among the best in India. Hence, one can explore the various cultural exhibitions, food festivals and concerts in Bangalore to get in touch with the soul of the city while at the same time keep themselves entertained.


Jamini Roy 1887-1972: Journey to the Roots

An art exhibition titled “Jamini Roy 1887-1972: Journey to the Roots” is presented by the National Gallery of Modern Art. The exhibition is held at 6 pm every day and will continue till the 30th of April 2015 at the premises of the National Gallery of Modern Art, Palace Road, Bangalore. The curator for this exhibition is Ms. Ella Roy. The exhibition will have over two hundred pieces of art created by Jamini Roy. The exhibits will include paintings, sketches, sculptures and drawings.

India Kitchen & Cabinetry Show

A three-day event titled the “India Kitchen & Cabinetry Show” will be organized from the 17th to the 19th of April 2015 at the Bangalore International Exhibition Centre. The exhibition will showcase some of the best kitchen designs by the popular interior designers. Guests can also look at the wide range of cabinet designs on display at this exhibition. A tour around all the exhibits will give the guests the perfect idea of redecorating their kitchen to their liking. This exhibition will be an independent trade exhibition and will be held parallel to the India Kitchen Congress.

Modernist Paradigms, Nativist Leanings

From 14th March to 12th May, a painting exhibition titled the “Modernist Paradigms, Nativist Leanings” will be held at the Forum Art Gallery, Bangalore. The exhibition will have on display the paintings by the famous artist Mr. M. Senathipathi. Mr. Senathipathi founded the Cholamandal Artist Village and is regarded as one of the most popular figurative painters of the Southern regions of India. The artist’s unique style consists of dense patterns, colours, and lyrical lines. This distinctive style was developed by Mr. Senathipati by drawing the inspiration from the famous fables and stories of ancient Hindu Mythology. The subjects in his paintings effectively echo the human sentiment’s he wants to portray.

Midnight Buffet

A Midnight Buffet is being organized by the Eventorouz at the Pinxx lounge in the Royal Orchid Centre, Bangalore every Saturday night. The buffet will have a huge variety of appetizers, chicken dishes, a live counter serving warm dosa and some of the tastiest desserts available. All this is available for just a payment of three hundred and thirty-three rupees plus taxes. The Pinxx Lounge and Restaurant is also a trendy place filled with young people in a cosy ambience. The menu consists of some of the best dishes from around the world. The view of the city from the restaurant is simply breathtaking.

Explore, experience and enjoy being in Bangalore! 

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