The process and formulation are essential when it comes to fake tan, but the outcomes also rely on one key element: the prep work. There is no question that rubbing fake tan on rough, dehydrated skin will result in a patchy, messy, and potentially disastrous tanning job — and everyone has been there. Yet put the effort in preparation, and you will get greeted with a shiny, radiant, even tan that appears more like you’ve been in the Mediterranean for two weeks than any bottle’s job. Okay, how is it that you ready for a fake tan? 

So, why apply fake tan? With the risks of skin cancer and premature aging being at the forefront of most people’s minds from the toxic Ultraviolet rays of the sun, the use of artificial or false tan has dramatically increased. Luckily fake tanning items have arrived in leaps and bounds for many individuals. The days of feeling like “you were being tangoed” are finished. Alternatively, the new formulae will produce such deliciously real golden glows that it’s easy to convince others that the perfect tan is your own. Choosing to do so yourself often means saving precious time oodles. Here is the ideal five-step skincare procedure that will improve the fake tan game significantly.

  • STEP ONE: EXFOLIATE. Every individual across the globe who does all the fancy things of applying fake tan wants it to look credible, but patchiness is the most telling sign of at-home work. The reason? Dry, tough fur. For this cause, an intense exfoliator is the foundation of every tanning routine. Make a date with a body scrub, about 48 hours before tanning. Using circular motions in the bathroom to buff exfoliating body scrubs on the arms, paying particular attention to the thighs, calves, elbows, and wrists’ stubborn patches of dry skin. Such scrubs are filled with natural grains and will leave skin looking velvety soft. There is something about fake tan & body scrubs online that make them a good combination any time!
  • STEP TWO: MOISTURISE. Upon exfoliation, the next step is to replenish the moisture reserves in the skin, where a buttery body lotion joins. Massage from various trusted brands is being filled with shea butter and avocado oil for nourishing and softening the driest skin all over your body. To top up the hydration, repeat 24 hours ahead of your tanning session.
  • STEP THREE: CLEANSE. Just before tanning, the washing of the skin provides a smooth base, which helps the fake tanner to apply evenly. The trick is to stop anything too sticky, lather up with your all-time favorite and trusted brand, especially if it is being made with aloe vera and wheat proteins that are being hydrolyzed soften and cleanse the skin gently.
  • STEP FOUR: MOISTURISE AGAIN. Apply a dab of body lotion to drier regions such as the elbows, thighs, wrists, and hands right before tanning can interrupt the accumulation of the excess product in these areas and give away the game. Moisturizing post-tan, however, is also essential. You are using a reliable and trusted brand to moisturize the whole body once the tan has grown and you have washed away the color of the map. It will offer the skin a healthy, shiny shine and improve your tan’s longevity by keeping your skin hydrated, particularly if you are regularly applying.
  • STEP FIVE: REFRESH. As the top layer of skin cells starts to dry out, the bronze begins to break down, which can make skin patchy. At this point, exfoliation should accelerate the process of cell regeneration and ensure further fades in the tan. A few days after tanning, clean the knees and elbows to take dead skin cells out, and exfoliate the whole body and repeat the entire cycle when you’re able to bronze again.


There are plenty of issues that undoubtedly come to mind when it comes to self-tanning so that you can get the desired results. Whether you’re worried about wrinkles, irregular tanning, or dry skin, your reliable fake tan & body scrubs online store have a remedy for you that will help you feel good about yourself and get ready for that warm season to come.


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