At the very outset, it would be quite good to mention that if you follow an appropriate AC servicing schedule, you will not only spend lesser on your electricity bills, but also enjoy full comfort offered by the machine without facing any hassle.

In case of a window AC, it is necessary to get the machine serviced immediately before the summers start to enjoy its seamlessly power-packed performance.

This post sheds light on some most common window AC problems
Dripping of water from the frontal end

Most probably the problem of water dripping from the frontal end of the window AC is caused by the angle the AC is mounted on. The mounting must be done giving a slope towards the rear end allowing condensed water flow via the drain pipe. Water dripping takes place from the frontal end only when the slopping is not appropriate. In this condition, most of the times, a reinstallation is suggested to get rid of the problem.       

Formation of ice

When the refrigerant of a window AC does not maintain the required level, the cooling coil temperature goes down below the normal. As a result, the moisture gets condensed on the coil to be frozen. To fix the issue, you need the services of qualified and experienced AC repairing professionals because only they will be able to ascertain the refrigerant level.   

Cooling performance

The insufficiency of coolant is one of the most common causes that affect a window AC’s cooling performance. The coolant disperses via evaporator coils and chills down the air flowing over it. Therefore, when the coolant level gets insufficient, your air conditioner fails to cool. So many times, a clogged filter also affects the cooling efficiency.

As said at the very outset, an appropriate and timely AC servicing schedule is imperative for proper functioning of a window AC. With on-demand home services by Lifeasy such as AC installation Gurgaon and AC repair in Gurgaon, the quick fix of your window AC issues is just a call away from your doorstep.

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