There are many photography colleges and school where one can study about photography in a professional level. Who are taking this as a future job or as a serious profession for them this schools and colleges are very much helpful. The teachers are very much helpful and experienced. These institution have many courses in the different sectors of photography. These institution also have some major placement option in their own campus. Photography is an art so it is not that much easy. It is also very expensive in nature. As the equipment’s and the structure of the learning is little beat costly so the courses are became expensive in nature.


Photography is an art. It is a special technique to capture the objects in a digital media. It is hard working matter. Nowadays many peoples are attracted towards photography. They want know more and more about it. As in India the study is very much happened in the traditional way so it is hard to set a carrier is this type of modern field like photography or something related about this. Photography is also bit much costly in nature, so the country like India it is bit difficult for one to make carrier in photography.

Photography College

There are many colleges where one can explore the subject and the matters regarding photography. Photography is mainly known as a modern technology. Nowadays these college are offering many programs, workshops, free classes for the students who want to know more and more about these courses or about photography. These college also offer some scholarship for the students who made a great response to the courses and clear the courses with a good marks. There are many professional photography training institution where the courses are taught in a professional manner. Where one can join and learn about photography for a future job or as a serious profession.

History of photography

The word photography is known in the year of 1839 and it is invented by Sir John Herschel. It is based on a Greek word. Phos means light and graphe means drawing together photograph means drawing with light. The first permanent photograph was made in the year of 1822. It used bitumen based heliography. This process is developed by Nicephore Niepce. First photographs of a real introduced few years later which is made by camera obscura. Sometimes later this process was not that much enough sensitive to be practical for the applications. For an exposure a camera should lasting at least for hour or a day. In the year of 1829 Niepce create a partnership with Louis Daguerre and these two made a more powerful hence a similar improved process.


There are many best Photography colleges in India where one can learn about the photography as well as advanced photography. The classes are highly equipped with best technical instruments, projector and screen. These colleges also have some practical classes which is held for the students and by these they teach them how the work is done on the field.

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