It is prominent to plan and optimize your schedule, for the JEE exams. So many students work every year to try their best for the exam. But who wins the battle? Everyone will be working hard for the exam, but smart workers matter more in this preparation scheme. The way of preparing the exam and presenting a neat paper makes much sense. If you are reading this article, then you probably would want to know the correct method for clearing the JEE main or advanced exam. However, cracking the JEE main is not a rocket science. It is easy once you have mastered the right techniques.

Here are few tips that might help you to sail through this critical phase:

  • Set Your Goal

Many studies conclude that proper setting of targets can bring several benefits with it. And, this is not just limited to studies. In fact, positive effects will improve an individual’s self-confidence to help in achieving more in life without being afraid to try out new things. There are two types of goals in nature, short-term goals, and long-term goals. For instance, landing in your ‘dream college’ will be considered your long-term goal, and for that, you need to cross hurdles in life such as the JEE main exam. However, your aim of clearing the JEE exam is your short-term goal that eventually acts as a bridge between you and your primary goal in life. So, be clear about making your goal as it is the bridge that connects your life and career.

  • Set study plan

If you are the one who just takes a book at last-minute or a day before the exam, then it is not worth your effort. Stop studying at last minute and start working on the topic immediately. As you know time waits for none, so why are you wasting time? Rather than getting an exam fear, you should create an effective study strategy that would be your mind map. In short, it should reflect what your mind says. Make sure that you’ve done a complete study plan for all the subjects.  Once the study plan is made, start preparing from the very first day. Simply do a Google search for JEE main previous year question paper 2016 and start practicing it.

  • Practice a lot

Practicing the mock test and question paper is worth the time. For JEE main, it is important that you should practice some previous year question papers. In case of any competitive exam, it doesn’t matter that you should learn all the topics. Even if you skip 10% topics, it should not matter. What matter is that how you strong you are in the rest 90%. So practice your stronger and weaker section.

  • Establish a study Environment

It is essential to choose a research environment that is healthy and peaceful. If the study environment is quiet, chances are much lesser than you deviate from your focus. You can choose garden, park and some natural surroundings of your choice. Alternatively, you can study in a school library, canteen, and coffee shop and so on.

 Don’t forget to check JEE main sample paper 2016. Simply Google it and prepare well. These tips might help you a lot. Have a good luck!

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