The 6 Nations that is played annually, is one of the oldest rugby tournaments across the world. It is also one of the most highlighted international rugby events in the Northern Hemisphere. Countries like Scotland, Wales, England, Italy and France come together right at the beginning of spring for some rugby thrill and excitement for a time span of six weeks. Over the years, this tournament has witnessed a major increase in the teams joining the tournament.

6 Nations Tickets with Hospitality

The first 6 Nations tournament was held in the year 1882 between 4 home countries. Italy and France joined in as team members later and currently the tournament is running the 6 teams format. There are teams competing for the Six Nations title during this tournament but at the same time there are different umbrella competitions also conducted between the teams. These umbrella competitions include the popular Calcutta cup that is awarded to the winner of Scotland V England and the Triple Crown played by the home countries. The 6 Nations Hospitality is highly popular with the Twickenham events coming up as the most desirable one considering the high quality of the tournament. Hospitality at the 6 Nations tournament is considered one of the best ways of hosting the clients. Both offsite and on-site hospitality are easily available along with top quality services and food offered during the tournament. There is a huge assortment of hospitality packages conveniently available at 6 Nations. Therefore, it can rightly be said that there is something available for every individual. So, you must not miss out on one of the greatest contests in sports.

Corporate Hospitality Packages Available for 6 Nations Tournament

As has already been said, the history of 6 Nations spans over 120 years. At present, every individual can be one of the most integral parts of this history with the 6 Nations Hospitality packages. 6 Nations is one of the key fixtures of the rugby calendar and with hospitality packages available for this event, one can enjoy unequaled VIP experience and that too at market leading prices. These hospitality packages are available for almost all Welsh, English, Scottish, French, Italian and Irish fixtures. There are many officials providers of corporate hospitality packages for 6 Nations tournament. These providers are quite good at demonstrating their experience in offering matchless VIP experience at different stadiums in London, Edinburgh, Cardiff, Rome, Paris and Dublin. These providers offer their hospitality packages for stadiums that are popular for their highly eclectic environment. With the hospitality packages available for the 6 Nations tournament, individuals now have the option of experiencing the thrill of spectating the matches while enjoying VIP comfort.

VIP Tickets and 6 Nations Events

VIP tickets and the corporate hospitality packages available for the 6 Nations tournament offer the perfect scope of creating bonds with employees, friends and clients while enjoying unequaled VIP experience. The VIP tickets for the tournament are available at competitive rates. The tickets give individuals the opportunity of being entertained at some of the most exclusive venues throughout Paris, London, Dublin and Rome.

The 6 Nations tournament is an extremely popular sports event and irrespective of the fact that which hospitality package you choose, you can remain sure of having an experience that is unforgettable.

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