Groin pain often arises from hip-related problems and the best treatment can be availed only after the right diagnosis. The first problem due to groin pain is imbalance in gait. In rare cases, surgery is advised but today, there is a rise in non-operative groin pain treatments which involves using a string of integrated approaches.

Treatments for groin pain

There can several reasons for groin pain. It could be strain in the muscles in the inner or the anterior areas in the groin. Doctors determine if this is the cause for pain by asking the patient to stretch the muscle and taking the images.  Labral tear is another reason wherein labrum is the circle of cartilage around the joint of the hip. Stress fracture also could lead to groin pain.  The repetitive stress on bursae can also lead to more friction in the bones and tendons which can also cause groin pain. In such a case, the doctor presses on the area to locate the bursitis.  Often nerve injuries, too, also cause pain in the pelvic region.  Thus, the treatment for any dysfunction in the groin will depend on the cause.

It is best to visit a gait analysis lab which can do a gait analysis using computer to understand the reasons behind the pain. This process collates data and thus making it possible for the correct diagnosis. It can reveal all kinds of dysfunction movements in the pelvic region. Ultrasonography is also an effective diagnostic process for finding about problems in the groin. X-rays can reveal the damage done to the tissues. It can also show if there has been any misalignments in the bone structure and if that is the reason for groin pain. These are the primary diagnostic procedures. If they are unable to detect the cause, then MRI or CT scan is done.

Once the gain analysis establishes what the problem is, the treatment is focused on ensuring that the faulty movement is corrected and strength is reinforced in the pelvic region. Along with pain treatment, the groin pain treatments also include an extensive rehabilitation program which consists of a variety of manual approaches as well. Of course, the treatment technique is based on the diagnosis. If the tissues are damaged, then along with rehabilitation method, biological treatment is also followed. A therapy which is commonly used and has proven to be effective in treating different groin pain is excorporeal shockwave therapy. It helps in regeneration of worn out and damaged muscles and tendons. Another computer assisted treatment program is CAREN which involves rehabilitation therapy. CAREN uses virtual reality to help practice movements so that poor movement can be done away with and new, stronger and more confident movements can be learnt and practised.

Thanks to advances in clinical diagnosis, it is now possible for early diagnosis of groin dysfunction. This enables doctor to start the treatment at the earliest and thereby avoiding any complications in the future. It is important for patients to consult a doctor at the earliest in case of any bone pain because if timely action is not taken, there can be irreversible damage.

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