Having a dentist center makes it easier for people to book appointments during their lunch breaks, and may even help land them their dream job. A survey carried out in May 2012 revealed that over 50 per cent of British adults believe good teeth are key to landing a good job, even though far fewer actually make regular visits to the dentist. However, research has shown that a healthy smile could be the magic element when it comes to winning a contract or being picked out at the interview stage.

The Hollywood trend for perfectly spaced, gleaming teeth has rubbed off on the general populace on both sides of the Atlantic. However, there is no need to aim for the blindingly white ‘Hollywood smile’ that is so demanded by the American film industry; regular dental check-ups and an occasional visit to the dental hygienist are often all that is required to keep teeth in tip-top condition, which is enough to impress any potential manager.

However, dentistry is about more than mere cosmetics. People who neglect their teeth can suffer from bad breath, gum disease and tooth decay, which can impact on every area of their lives, not just their career prospects.

Everyone should have regular check-ups, which will highlight any current or potential problems and will ensure they are treated at an early stage. Cosmetic problems, such as crooked teeth, can also be treated by a city center dentist  After all, a confident smile can be the key element when it comes to getting a good job.

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