PTSD is a condition that affects many people in the UK. It doesn’t discriminate and anyone can become affected. It typically results from one traumatic event, which can be anything from a traumatic experience in war to bereavement.

There are common symptoms to PTSD, however they vary from patient to patient. Common experiences include flashbacks, insomnia, distance from life or anxiety. A patient will typically have some but not all of these associated symptoms.

As a recognised psychological condition there are several methods of treating the problem: Talk Therapy

Talk therapy is where you and a counsellors talk through difficult situations. PTSD results from a painful memory that can’t be processed easily. Talking through the painful memory can help to move it from short term memory to long term memory, thereby making it less traumatic.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Similarly, CBT is about reprogramming the brain and helping to deal with a traumatic issue. In a nutshell it’s about changing patterns of thought so that you’re better able to evaluate and essentially deal with problems. This is a very effective way to manage anxiety.



EMDR stands for Eye Movement Desensitization and Re-processing. Unlike the above therapies the faulty patterns of thought are re-programmed using eye movements. If you’re interesting in treating patients this way you can look for an EMDR course, searching for EMDR training UK online.

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