Radio controlled vehicles make great gifts for adults and children alike. However, with so many radio controlled cars, trucks and buggies now available, it can be somewhat difficult for shoppers with a limited knowledge of the subject to know which option will best suit their needs.

Below are the two main aspects which buyers need to consider before they make a purchase

Car, Truck or Buggy?

The type of vehicle a buyer chooses is purely down to personal preference and what kind of fun they want to get from their model. Whilst radio controlled cars are great for racing, owners are limited to driving them on relatively smooth surfaces such as quiet roads and car parks. In contrast, radio controlled trucks and buggies can handle rougher surfaces such as gravel, dirt and grass, as well as run flawlessly on tarmac and other smooth surfaces.

Petrol, Nitro or Electric?

This is a question which prospective owners need to think seriously about. A petrol monster truck offers considerable power in comparison to nitro and electric models and is a lot more durable on damaging obstacle courses. Nitro models, however, require less room to operate and can reach impressive speeds as they are powered by a real engine. They are also more maneuverability and often more competitively priced than petrol trucks.

Without doubt, considering the above aspects will help a consumer to choose a RC vehicle which will truly suit their needs.

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